Why Ashley Tisdale Won’t Be Back For The ‘High School Musical’ Reunion

Ashley Tisdale has gone blonde again, according to Bustle. The High School Musical star is known for her passion for constantly experimenting with hair color, but it seems that she really liked being blonde.

But it’s a rarity to see Ashley Tisdale as a blonde, so her fans have the exclusive opportunity to catch the 31-year-old actress with her lighter locks. But going blonde for the summer has been a thing for quite a while now as many female celebs have switched to lighter locks for the hot season.

Ashley Tisdale, who turned 31 last Saturday, has been sporting a reddish rose gold color since May, but she has decided to switch back to being a blonde. Apparently, it was stylist Kristin Ess who helped the actress to dye her hair.

In fact, Ashley Tisdale appears to be sporting a beautiful ombre effect with that blonde hair, as her hair roots are a little darker, while the tips are white blonde. Many are wondering why Tisdale decided to go blonde again, and whether it could be the widespread belief that blondes have more fun.

So is Ashley Tisdale looking to have more fun this summer? The actress has just begun her journey of being a style baron but it appears that she wants to follow the steps of Jessica Simpson’s career, according to the Times of India.

And Ashley Tisdale’s High School Musical co-star Monique Coleman always used to make fun of her obsession over Simpson, as revealed by Tisdale herself in a recent interview.

“Monique just never understood it, but I think I just could see that she was a really smart businesswoman and I could see that what she’s done is amazing.”

In fact, Ashley Tisdale revealed that Monique had even called her once and apologized for making fun of her love for Jessica Simpson. She explained that she started understanding what Simpson has done over the years of her career.

In particular, Ashley Tisdale was inspired by Simpson’s girl power and used it as fuel for her film roles as well as Blondie Girl production company projects.

“I’ve always been a very independent person. As a woman, I just never wanted to rely on anyone specifically, except for myself.”

Ashley Tisdale also revealed that during one of her Blondie Girl productions, she even changed the ending just because she didn’t like the main character doing it for the guy, rather than for herself. It was a Disney channel film called Cloud 9 and Tisdale decided that the ending didn’t have enough girl power in it.

Apparently, Ashley Tisdale doesn’t want a High School Musical reunion, according to E! Online. The 31-year-old actress, who appeared in all three High School Musical installments as Sharpay Evans and played the lead role in the Disney Channel original movie Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, admitted that she is not up for a High School Musical reunion.

Speaking to New You magazine, Ashley Tisdale revealed that it wasn’t High School Musical who “made” the cast of the film, it was their friendship and how close they were that created “the magic” in the films.

So it seems that even if High School Musical 4 is happening, Ashley Tisdale won’t be back to reprise her role of Sharpay Evans.

“Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just don’t know how you go from there.”

High School Musical 4 will have a fully renewed cast, but producers of the film revealed that there will be a character named Campbell, who is Sharpay and Ryan Evans’ cousin.

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