Sikh Temple Shooting: Dashcam Police Video Released

Oak Creek, WI — Police in suburban Milwaukee have released the dramatic dashboard camera footage of the August 5 shooting rampage at the Sikh Temple that took the lives of six persons and left four other seriously wounded.

The video, which was compiled from Lt. Brian Murphy and Officer Sam Lenda’s patrol car dashcams in the parking lot of the Sikh Temple, initially shows Lt. Murphy exchanging gunfire with Wade Page, who is wearing a white shirt. Murphy was shot 15 times but survived and has been released from the hospital.

Page fired at Officer Lenda, and the video shows at least one of the rounds hitting Lenda’s windshield. Lenda fired back at Page with a rifle, hitting him in the stomach.

According to the Hartford Courant:

“One clip shows Murphy responding to the scene and parking in the lot of the Sikh temple, known as a gurdwara. He cautiously gets out of the car. Page appears in the distance, a speck of white due to the T-shirt he was wearing…”

“Lenda then begins firing at the little white shape in the distance — six shots — and the shape then tumbles to the ground. Page has been hit in the stomach. Moments later, he can be heard shooting himself.”

“Page’s reasons for the shooting are still unclear, with little possible apparent motive other than a background with white supremacist groups.”

Watch the dashboard camera video from the squad cars of Lt. Brian Murphy and Officer Sam Lenda during the Sikh temple mass shooting:

In this version of the dashcam video, Officer Lenda provides some narration of the events on August 5: