South Korean Man Blames Octopus For Girlfriend's Murder

Todd Rigney

A South Korean man on trial for the murder of his girlfriend has blamed an octopus for the death of the young woman, according to Rocket News 24. The suspect, who is only referred to as Mr. K, says that his deceased lover, known as Ms. Y, was consuming an octopus when she started to choke. By the time police arrived on the scene, the poor woman was already dead.

Since Ms. Y's passing was considered an accident, an autopsy wasn't performed on her body. Instead, she was cremated and the case was promptly closed. However, when Mr. K ended up getting a substantial chunk of money from the lady's insurance policy, her parents demanded the case be reopened.

Prosecutors believe that Mr. K purposely used the octopus --- a dish which, when served raw, can lead to choking --- in order to murder Ms. Y and collect the money from her life insurance policy.

"K then made it look like Y choked on a squirming octopus. Furthermore, the defendant has a criminal record including robbery and assault, and while dating Ms. Y he was seeing two other women," prosecutors explained.

Death and Taxes reports that forensic analysts testified that no traces of octopus were found in the victim's body. However, since the young woman's corpse was cremated after her death was ruled an accident, exhuming the body for further examination is simply out of the question. Unless prosecutors can convince the court that Mr. K is a sinister individual with homicidal tendencies, the suspect could walk away from the case a free man.

Prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty, which has been on moratorium in South Korea for the past 15 years. However, since the evidence needed to convict Mr. K was destroyed when his girlfriend was cremated, it would appear that his octopus defense could possibly work out in the end.