‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Postponed Until Tuesday Night, But Is There Controversy About The Set?

The second part of the Southern Charm reunion is being postponed until Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EDT because of the July Fourth Independence holiday, but of course that doesn’t mean the cast of Southern Charm won’t mix up some controversy in the meantime. Instead of showing the Southern Charm reunion tonight, Bravo will instead be showing some filler program specials, so fans will have to wait until Tuesday night to see the next chapter of the Southern Charm reunion, which is focused on Kathryn versus Landon, and Kathryn versus Thomas Ravenel on the custody front.

According to the Inquisitr, the first part of the Southern Charm reunion revealed quite a few lies and scandals. First, it seems that Craig never even graduated law school, so he can’t sit for the bar exam, let alone practice law. So essentially, Craig lied to all of his friends, and fans of Southern Charm, and likely, he also lied to his girlfriend, Naomie. So much for #newcraig. Next, fans of Southern Charm learned that Landon was sloppy seconds when it came to shacking up with Thomas Ravenel after Kathryn took a pass on a Valentine’s Day romantic getaway.


LaLate is reporting that the set for the Southern Charm reunion is set up like a Maury Povich Show paternity reveal, but cast member Whitney’s mama would not be impressed by the decor, had she bothered to leave her home and show up to the Southern Charm reunion. Andy Cohen allegedly keeps begging Patricia Altschul to show for the reunion specials, but each time, she continues to demure. But that doesn’t mean that Patricia can’t call out the Southern Charm producers (isn’t Whitney allegedly a producer, or is that an honorary position, as Whitney’s mama backed the project to get her boy started) about their “Home Depot on sale style.”

Before this year, the cast of Southern Charm was stuffed into the WWHL clubhouse for the reunion, so even a set in Long Island City is a step up for Whitney and the gang, right? But when Patricia learns the details of how the Southern Charm reunion set was cobbled together with leftovers, she might just have a breakdown. The “Home Depot style” comment might have been a joke, but at least two pieces on set are literally from the Home Depot.


And not only were there pieces on set from the Home Depot, the Southern Charm reunion set was put together Shabby Chic style, using leftover pieces from the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion set.

“Second, LALATE can report that the set might look like ‘Home Depot on Sale’, that infamous Patricia Altschul line, because you can actually is from Home Depot on sale. The rug being used tonight is a version of Winslow Birch, an accent rug that retails for a mere $29.97.”


LaLate is also teasing what will happen after the Southern Charm reunion show, in terms of salary and if there will be a Southern Charm season four. Of course, Thomas Ravenel has already quit for the tenth time (yet he finds his way back each time to the center of the Southern Charm couch).

“Enjoy Southern Charm if you like me in it bc this will be my last season… They pay peanuts and destroy your life in the process.”

If this is true, why does Thomas Ravenel keep coming back to Southern Charm for more? Ego?

But talk of raises has now spread to the whole cast, as the Southern Charm series has started posting some serious ratings.

LALATE can report the cast budget for RHOC this season is close to $3 million. But the cast budget for Southern Charm is believed to be less than a million, perhaps as low as about $800K.”


So essentially, this means that the drama will not go away when the Southern Charm reunion ends. Perhaps the next round is just getting started.

Will you watch the Southern Charm reunion on Tuesday night?

[Photo by Bravo]