WWE News: Potential Spoiler On Previous GM Appearing On ‘Monday Night Raw’

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It is the Fourth of July, and Monday Night Raw will originate from the Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. One moment in the WWE’s fabled history took place at that venue. CM Punk dropped one of the greatest promos in wrestling history at the Thomas Mack Center. So, there is a chance for a grand moment by Vince McMahon on Independence Day Monday evening. Rumors are beginning to swirl about one return in particular.

On WWE’s website, they posted a preview, as they always do, for Monday Night Raw. One piece of the preview is teasing that a former-General Manager of a brand will return. Here is the preview.

“Once we learned that SmackDown will go live on USA Network Tuesday, July 19, former SmackDown authority figures — including Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis and Corporate Kane — have resurfaced to state why they should head up the blue brand in The New Era. Since Monday will be a celebration no one in the WWE Universe will want to miss, you can bet that at least one former GM will be looking to drop by.”

As the article mentioned, Long, Laurinaitis and Corporate Kane have made their individual returns to the WWE for backstage segments, or ramp-related shenanigans. To be frank, it gave Stephanie and Shane McMahon the opportunity to impose their will and power on television. Will that continue Monday evening with another GM returning?

Mick Foley was a General Manger at one point. He was one of the most unpredictable and exciting GM’s in recent memory. Eric Bischoff also did a great job entertaining the crowd and being the heel fans wanted. Another name that managed the talent on television is Kurt Angle. He’s been associated with a return to the brand for months now, but reports continue to refute that dream for WWE fans.

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When the WWE posted that preview, fans and few analysts resorted to the common theme of tonight’s episode and immediately thought of Angle as the perfect man to return. He’s a gold medalist Olympian and represented America while in the WWE.

A new report by PWInsider.com and DailyWrestlingNews.com revealed a potential spoiler for who is the former-GM to return on Monday Night Raw.

“PWInsider is reporting that the returning former General Manager booked tomorrow’ Raw is Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero follows Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis as former GMs making appearances to help build up to the brand split as SmackDown moves live to Tuesdays with separate “COOs” running RAW and SmackDown.”

Vickie Guerrero will provide a sense of fresh content to the WWE. While ratings are still dwindling, she was a constant form of entertainment or hatred. Her connection to WWE legend Eddie Guerrero always had fans cheering for one reason, if any. So, having her back is a good move by the WWE. It’s not Kurt Angle, but it’s something different.

For those that may ask in the future, she will not return to the WWE full-time. Vickie is simply there to keep the pattern of former GM’s coming back for one night only. Stephanie or Shane may humiliate her to get themselves over with the crowd. At least, that’s what they did with Laurinaitis and Long. Lastly, how do you think they will use her on Raw tonight? Any guess is as good as mine, but featuring her with someone she is comfortable with is wise.

Fourth of July WWE Raw may include Vickie Guerrero WWE Raw
As for Kurt Angle, his return to the WWE may not happen until 2017. He isn’t wrestling right now and recently had a good match with Zack Sabre Jr. in the Indies. It wasn’t what most expected from Angle, but he is getting older and doesn’t have much left in top shape. If the WWE ever wants to bring him back, it needs to be sooner, rather than later.

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