Blake Lively Creates A Frankenstein Burger Without Breaking Her Diet

Blake Lively knows something that not many people know about the art of burger consumption. According to People magazine, Blake Lively has a burger hack that could turn any burger into the Frankenstein’s monster of burgers.

Lively, who stars in the recently released The Shallows, explained her technique. In a rapid fire question and answer segment, she revealed that her usual order of the Umami burger involves the Manly burger, topped with onion rings, and the chili burger. Lively’s technique involves cutting both burgers in half and creating a new one with each of the halves. What to do with the other halves? She gives them to whoever is with her.

She may love burgers, but Blake Lively has recently been keeping a close eye on her diet. Despite her pregnancy, Blake’s determination still perseveres as she has gone through a complete overhaul of her diet, according to Perez Hilton.

Ryan Reynold’s trainer, Don Saladino, reportedly gave the Gossip Girl actress some help with her fitness goals. However, Blake Lively does not restrict herself completely. Blake has Don to thank for that as he firmly believes that putting someone into a caloric deficit is not a good idea as, in his opinion, the method leads to unsuccessful results.

To start her day, Blake Lively typically eats eggs and fresh vegetables followed by gluten-free oats and fruit. While the Gossip Girl actress does indulge every once in a while, the majority of the time, she sticks to her diet.

Don Saladino spoke on when Blake Lively would break her diet to indulge, saying that the ideal balance is to stay within the confined of a healthy eating diet 80 percent of the time and leave the other 20 percent of the time “for error and having fun.”

While alcohol can be a problem for some people while trying to follow a diet, Blake Lively doesn’t have to worry about this aspect since she doesn’t drink alcohol. But, according to her trainer, she has other vices instead.

“Lively doesn’t drink, so that’s not really an issue, but she does like pasta and pizza, and she has the ability to make room for that once in a while.”

Blake Lively’s trainer allows her to indulge a few times per week, but he also says that part of her diet and exercise success is because she follows his instructions, whatever they may be.

“She never questions me. She always does what I want her to do.”

Her ability to stay within the confines of her diet and follow the instructions of her trainer, even if it means missing out when other people are indulging, is similar to her ability to succeed as an actress despite the fact that she may not be the most talented in her craft. According to Vox, Blake Lively is one of the greatest success stories the industry has ever seen, despite not being one of the most talented actresses.

When she was on Gossip Girl, the show was built around her character, yet she was not the best performer in the cast which also featured the likes of Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen.

gossip girl cast

— c (@fcksdyIan) July 1, 2016

Similarly, many critics see her film The Town as her best film to date, despite the film being criticized for being unremarkable.

In her latest film, The Shallows, Blake Lively arguably delivers the best performance in the film, but most of the run-time for the film has her talking to a seagull while evading a shark. Vox reports that a recent article for MTV by Teo Bugbee highlights all the failures of Blake Lively, but it also notes that no one will ever be able to keep her down.

“Nothing can kill Blake Lively – not bad reviews, not bad box office numbers, not her lifestyle brand collapsing, not clueless comments about her Oakland booty, and not even Lively skeptic Megan Ellison, who dropped out as a financier on Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects until Soderbergh promised to replace Lively with Rooney Mara.”

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