‘Fox & Friends’ Debates Whether Statue Of Liberty Is Transgender [Video]

statue of liberty

With many Americans already suffering from transgender paranoia and the fear of transgender people using the “wrong” restroom, now Americans face yet another fear regarding gender identity. Fox & Friends revealed a theory that the Statue of Liberty is actually a man Sunday, just in time for Independence Day. No, this is not The Onion or another political satire site, but a real story presented by the Fox news program claiming the statue’s sculptor may have pulled a fast one on Americans and modeled Lady Liberty on his brother, rather than his mother.

It’s a good thing Fox & Friends brought this to everyone’s attention because the next step is to debate whether our most iconic symbol of freedom should use the men’s or the women’s restroom.

transgender restroom debate
Okay, to be fair, the theory didn’t come from Fox & Friends hosts themselves, but from an episode of Discovery Family Channel’s Secrets of America’s Favorite Places. New York University Professor Edward Berenson, director of French Studies, was featured on the Discovery Family Channel episode, so Fox & Friends interviewed him to discuss this theory the sculptor may have modeled Lady Liberty on his brother and that he likely didn’t even model her after his mother. Berenson pointed out many reasons the transgender theory was rubbish beyond the obvious fact she is named “Lady Liberty,” and he denied that sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi played a prank on us all by giving us a big statue of a transgender symbol of freedom.

“He was a mama’s boy. I mean this guy, when he was in New York for years he wrote his mother every single day. When I was writing my own book on the Statue of Liberty, I read those letters at the New York Public Library. If he was going to model the Statue of Liberty after his mom, he would have told her that, because she would have been really pleased. And if he wasn’t going to do his mom and was going to do his brother instead, we’d have that in the correspondence.”

While that may seem like pretty compelling evidence, leave it to Fox & Friends to dig deeper into this developing news story and find a controversy where no one knew one existed. Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy wasn’t going to let Berenson off the hook that easily, showing his commitment to asking the tough questions that many journalists are afraid to ask.

“So whenever I hear something like this, I just assume somebody was playing a prank on us. Are we supposed to think this French guy was pulling a fast one the U.S., ‘Hey, I’m going to say it’s a woman, but it’s really going to be a guy. And they’re not going to be able to figure it out for a really long time.'”

Caitlyn Jenner
According to Berenson, the short answer to that question would be a resounding “no,” but he also took the time to point out the fact that Bartholdi was a classically-trained sculptor schooled in Greek and Roman lore, and the design of the statue reflects that background. Berenson stated point blank the Statue of Liberty is a Roman goddess of liberty, and “clearly” influenced by other liberty goddesses that came out during the French Revolution.

So there you have it; case closed. Perhaps next week Doocy and co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade can try to get a sample of DNA or check for whether Lady Liberty has XX or XY chromosomes. Or, perhaps we should all consult Caitlyn Jenner for inside info on what lurks underneath that flowing robe. All those layers of clothing in itself are mighty suspicious, don’t you think? Kind of seems like the sort of thing you’d wear if you were trying to hide something.

[Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]