Luann de Lesseps Talks Jules Wainstein’s Marriage And Calzone Joke

Luann de Lesseps RHONY

Luann de Lesseps may not be close with Jules Wainstein on The Real Housewives of New York, but she’s watching her new co-star’s marriage fall apart on the show. While Weinstein and her husband Michael Wainstein have decided to end their marriage these days, there were troubles brewing when they were filming the show just a few months ago. Wainstein felt that her husband never helped out and he was always more interested in being on his phone, talking to other people – and then mysteriously coming home and immediately showering.

According to a new Bravo report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that she’s worried about Wainstein, as her marriage is falling apart. Weinstein has relied on Dorinda Medley to get through her troubles, including opening up about how she wants her husband to step up. And when it came to Wainstein’s decision to bake cutlery and a measuring cup into her calzone during a dinner out, Luann de Lesseps believes that she was just having fun and the ladies were overreacting.

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“I’m worried about Jules. Her relationship with Michael seems strained, she’s been in poor health and it seems like she’s struggling to remain optimistic. The girls read way more into Jules’ practical calzone joke than was necessary. She was being funny and trying to lighten up the mood and instead had to endure questioning from Carole and mean jokes from Bethenny,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

Of course, on last week’s episode, Weinstein went out for dinner with Dorinda Medley and opened up about her marital troubles. Wainstein was clearly upset with her husband because she felt that he wasn’t stepping up to the plate. Even during this particular dinner, Michael was on his phone away from the table, taking pictures of himself and smiling. It has later been revealed that he was having an affair and Weinstein caught him with another woman, according to US Weekly.

On the show, Jules doesn’t appreciate Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s harsh comments about her life, including her weight. And Luann de Lesseps can fully understand why this new housewife isn’t too pleased with Bethenny and Carole.

“She’s right about Bethenny being funny at other peoples’ expenses. Jules is way more self-deprecating and humble than Carole or Bethenny, and I hate to see her being picked on by these girls. I’m hoping that her health improves, that Michael steps up and helps her more and that she knows she is loved. Her joke about asking for late checkout from the hospital was priceless! It gives me hope that she’ll come through this with her spirit intact. As for Carole giving medical advice to Jules about ADD and medication, I think she’d be better off sticking to what she knows,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her Bravo blog

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Luann didn’t go to the dinner, where the ladies had to bake their own pizzas, so she couldn’t defend her co-star in the moment. But it’s no secret that Luann does have her own issues with Bethenny and Carole. The issues with Radziwill stem from her decision to date Adam Kenworthy, who used to be de Lesseps’ personal chef. As for Bethenny, she simply can’t stand being around Luann, who is very self-serving these days. On The Real Housewives of New York, Frankel decided to leave de Lesseps out of her trip to Mexico, because she simply couldn’t stand listening to her speak about her soulmate. The trip never happened, but Luann wasn’t too pleased about being left behind.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps coming to Jules Wainstein’s defense? Do you think Jules would appreciate having Luann as a friend in her corner?

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