Kim Kardashian goes Blonde at the Teen Choice Awards

Kim Kardashian went blonde over the weekend and debuted her new golden mane at Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards in LA.

A few months ago, Kim Kardashian posted a photo to her Twitter page saying that she died her hair blonde, and it looked convincing, but she later revealed it was a wig. But last week, she went blonde for real.

Kim Kardashian told the new York Daily News about her new, lighter hair:

“This time it’s for real, guys! I went blonde!!! I am really loving it!”

“I had been considering it ever since I wore that blonde wig, and I just decided to go for it!! My hairstylist, Clyde Haygood, orchestrated the whole thing, and Rebecca from Goodform salon dyed it!”

So what do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new Blonde Hair?

Photo Credit: Merritt/Getty