Young Thug Celebrates First Platinum Single As A Solo Artist With ‘Best Friend’

Young Thug has been featured on a string of hit records and has scored his first platinum single “Best Friend.”

The single was featured on first installment of his mixtape series Slime Season, which was released late last year along with the single. The music video for “Best Friend” has over 140 million views and the song peaked at number #45 on the Billboard Hot 100.


This is not the first hit for Young Thug who burst into the scene with Gold-certified club banger “Stoner.” The Atlanta rapper has featured on hit singles “Hookah,” “About the Money,” and “Lifestyle.”

Young Thug recently dropped another single that sounds like a dance inspired Hip Hop record. The music video features his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae’s swimwear line.

Young Thug’s commercial appeal was questioned by fellow rapper Plies who has been feuding with the rapper over an Instagram video that featured Thug’s daughter. Plies referred to Young Thug as a low-tier artist.

“I don’t play with a certain tier of artists, like you trying to get poppin’ and sh*t,” said Plies during an interview with Sway when asked about feud with Thug. The Atlanta rapper threatened to slap Plies if they were ever to meet. “I don’t f**k with lower tier artists,” Plies stated in the interview.

Young Thug’s “Best Friend” platinum status proves that the rapper has commercial appeal but he continues to get in feuds with others in the entertainment industry, including rapper The Game.


Young Thug had issues with the LA rapper after it was alleged that he was involved in a plot to kill Lil Wayne. Thugger was not charged in the incident; however, his friend was implicated in a shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

The “Best Friend” rapper has denied any connection to the Lil Wayne shooting and has repeated that the rapper is his idol despite their alleged issues. In a rare interview with Hot 97 Ebro, Thugger talked about Lil Wayne.

“I always paid attention to Lil Wayne, close attention. He’s my idol. He’s still my idol. I still know all his music, everything that he’s putting out now, I still know everything, I pay attention to him. When he came in as a Hot Boy, he was a street ni**a…. But as he grew, he had tight clothes, rock star—you know what I’m sayin’? So I guess I went the same path, because I always paid attention to him. He’s iconic, I always paid attention to him like that — I would die if I don’t be like him.”

Young Thug appears to be ending several feuds, starting with giving The Game’s son a heartfelt birthday message.

Thugger also appears to be collaborating with fellow Atlanta rap star Future who is has also had several Twitter rants against in the past. The two rappers seem to have made amends appearing in a track “Who” in DJ Esco’s mixtape, Esco Terrestrial.


The “Best Friend” rapper is expected to release his first album this year. His frequent collaborator Gucci Mane was released from prison this year and Young Thug explained in an interview how Gucci Mane helped with his career taking off.

“The first day I met GuWop I sold him a watch. We had took a watch — I sold it to him, a Rolex. It was a girl Rolex. I sold it to him, and then we [were] listening to beats and I was like ay, plug me in, let me go. And he ain’t say nothing, he was just sitting. And I did the song, and he like, who you mess with? And we just chopped it up then, and then from then, I started going to the ‘yo [studio] with him everyday, working, working, working.”

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[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]