‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Negan Is Just Getting Started – Worse Things Are Coming [Spoilers]

'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Negan Is Just Getting Started - Worse Things Are Coming [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale ended with someone on the receiving end of Lucille, Negan’s barbed wire baseball bat. Fans were disappointed and some expressed outrage over not knowing who Negan killed. It has been a long wait, but Season 7 will premiere in just a few months on AMC. Even though Negan’s victim will reportedly shock and devastate TWD fans, it is only the beginning. Negan is just getting started and worse things could be coming for Rick Grimes and the entire group.

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 may follow.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, everyone is speculating on who Negan killed in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Is it Glenn (Steven Yeun), who died in Robert Kirkman’s comic books? Perhaps Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), or maybe it was another member of Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) group? According to The Hollywood Reporter, who Negan killed in the TWD season finale doesn’t matter.

The website cited three reasons why it doesn’t matter. One of those reasons was due to the fact that Negan is just getting started. The publication is correct about that, especially if the television show follows The Walking Dead comic books. Even though who Negan killed will have the same impact as a whole, depending on the victim, it could matter and change things for certain characters. So, does it matter? The answer is both yes and no.

In The Walking Dead comic books, Negan kills Glenn in a vicious and brutal manner. If Steven Yeun’s character dies by Lucille on the television show, it will matter most to his wife, Maggie (Lauren Cohan). As fans know, Maggie is pregnant. When Rick and the others were captured by Negan and The Saviors, they were on their way to take Maggie to the doctor at the Hilltop Colony. She was sick, had a fever, and was experiencing severe stomach pain. Back at Hershel’s farm, Maggie lost her entire family except for her father and younger sister. Later, both Hershel and Beth died in tragic ways. Glenn is all that Maggie has left and if she loses the baby, too, it could have devastating consequences for her character.

The same can be said for the other characters as well. Everyone at Alexandria has someone that means a lot to them. So, character deaths do matter. When someone loses a loved one, whether it be a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or friend, it can change a person. Whether Glenn dies or someone else, there is going to be at least one person that will be affected the most by it and they will never be the same. They may even end up making different choices that can change everything.

As for Negan in The Walking Dead, there is more to his storyline than just killing someone with Lucille. He is not a character that is going to be dealt with quickly and he will be sticking around for a while. If the television show follows the comics, Negan is going to put Rick’s group through a lot. Norman Reedus hinted in an interview that fans may not be ready or prepared for what they see in Season 7. This seems to hint that the worse things are coming.

“… luckily, Negan’s got a lot of story yet to come,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Variety. “We just met the guy – so it’s gonna be an interesting road.”

What do you think is going to happen with Negan in The Walking Dead? Does his victim matter or is the impact the same no matter who dies by Lucille? Do you think there are worse things coming for Rick and the others?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres this fall on AMC.

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