‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’: Drampa Is Dunsparce’s Evolution, Here’s How You Know

Drampa was one of the more well-received new Pokemon from the bunch Game Freak revealed in the July 1 Pokemon Sun and Moon news dump, and Pokemon fans have been trumpeting their love for what they call the lovably “derpy” Pokemon all over social media. What very few people are talking about is that Drampa is very likely the Dunsparce evolution that many Pokemon fans have been asking for for over a decade, and there are several extremely persuasive connections between the two Pokemon that will leave little doubt in your mind that they are linked.


A Pokemon-themed YouTube content creator has a very comprehensive video on the topic in which he points out that the first point, and possibly the most obvious one, is the typing of the two Pokemon. Dunsparce is a pure normal type and has very subpar stats. Pokemon fans have been arguing ever since the Pokemon main game series’ generation two, when Dunsparce was initially introduced, that is was far too weak and it seemed strange that it did not have an evolved form that could justify its existence. They even fantasized that its evolution could be a powerful dragon type Pokemon, often comparing Dunsparce’s prospective zero-to-hero evolution into a powerful beast to another similar Pokemon evolution line: Magikarp to Gyrados. Well, Drampa is indeed a dragon, but it also retains Dunsparce’s normal typing as well.

The point about the Pokemon typings may be obvious, but it it far from binding evidence on its own. Possibly a more persuasive point evidencing a Dunsparce-Drampa line in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the similarities between the two Pokemon’s color palettes. As TheOneIntegral says, color palettes tend to remain similar throughout Pokemon’s evolution lines, and both Dunsparce and Drampa are colored with very similar shades of white, turquoise, and yellow (you can look at side-by-side comparisons of the two color palettes below). Drampa’s pink eyes are painted with a color that does not appear in Dunsparce’s design. Dunsparce’s eyes appear to be closed, though, and the Pokemon opening its eyes when it evolves would both explain the addition of the pink coloring and serve as a symbol of its rising power level.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Drampa is Dunsparce evolution [Image via TheOneIntegral/Youtube]Third is a point that may be a bit harder to spot than the correlations between the typings or the colors, but what many Pokemon fan forums all over the internet feel is the most persuasive bit of evidence of a Dunsparce-Drampa evolution: the Pokemon’s wings. Both Pokemon have large, fluffy, white wings. Dunsparce’s are much smaller, but it only makes sense that its tiny fledgling wings would grow exponentially into majestically large appendages once in evolves into its dragon form. Not only that, but the same curved and two-pronged design of Dunsparce’s wings appears at the bases of Drampa’s wings.

Dunsparce and Drampa’s tails do not really match up, the video notes. While Dunsparce’s tail is bare and pointed, Drampa’s tail is covered in the same cloudy fluff that appears to make up both of the Pokemon’s wings. It is very possible, though, that the white fluff just starting to sprout on Dunsparce explodes over more of its body, including its tail, when it evolves into a larger Pokemon.

The fourth piece of evidence, brought up by GameFAQs user SparkniteSyzygy, connects back to the idea of Drampa being widely seen as a “derpy-looking” Pokemon. Dunsparce itself has, since the time of its initial introduction, become the posterchild for derpy Pokemon designs, inspiring a plethora of “Derpy Dunsparce” memes. So, as SparkniteSyzygy puts it, what unites these Pokemon is “the overall derpy theme.”

Pokemon Sun and Moon Drampa is Dunsparce evolution Derp. [Image by Ninjazzy/Deviantart]Also, TheOneIntegral says, the fact that both Pokemon’s names start with the same letter doesn’t hurt the theory.

We will find out if it’s accurate either with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon on November 18 or in one of the Pokemon news dumps we receive between now and then — they seem to be getting dropped ever couple of weeks now.

What do you think about this theory? And have you been able to spot any other clues that hint at a Dunsparce to Drampa evolution? Make yourself heard in the comments below!

[Image via The Pokemon Company]