NBA Free Agency Rumors: Kevin Durant Decision Coming On Monday– Where Will He Go?

NBA Free Agency Rumors Kevin Durant Decision Coming On Monday-- Where Will He Go

Kevin Durant still has not committed to a team during the 2016 NBA free agency. Rumor has it that Durant is almost convinced to sign with the Golden State Warriors but until he declares, many NBA teams and players are hesitant to make their own commitments.

Several teams were pushing hard to convince Durant that their city was the one he needed to play for this year. The top contenders to lure Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder during this off-season in addition to the Warriors were the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics.

The Thunder tried so hard to retain their all-star that they met with Kevin Durant twice. That hasn’t stopped the persistent rumors that Durant dreams of balling in a bigger market and any of those mentioned above will do.

Since no official decision has been made yet, SB Nation weighed in on the current status of Kevin Durant and where they believe he will decide to play basketball next season. They believe that the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the top two teams to land Durant. Will he choose the talent-rich Warriors and increase their odds of going to the NBA Finals again? Or will Kevin stay loyal to the Thunder, where he’s spent his entire career and can earn the most money in the long run?

Kevin Durant has spent the current NBA free agency as the most sought out player. As the king of free agency, Durant was courted by just about everyone and chose to have meetings with some of the biggest contenders for a championship ring next season with the exception of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Boston Celtics went so hard for Kevin Durant that even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady showed up to the meeting to try and persuade him into becoming a Bostonian. The campaign to move Kevin east didn’t end with Brady either. Another Patriot, Julian Edelman, posed in what would be a Kevin Durant Boston Celtics jersey on social media to let the 6-foot 10-inch small forward know that he also was excited about a potential move to Boston for the basketball star.

While many believe that Kevin Durant will move on to a bigger market team that has a better chance for him to win a championship, it is true that the Oklahoma City Thunder scored the first and the last meetings with him. As a matter of fact, they were the only team to get two meetings. That doesn’t mean he’s staying in Oklahoma City though and giving his home team the opportunity to speak is believed by some to have just been good manners.

Kevin Durant has a lot of options going forward in the NBA and he’s definitely not pulling the trigger quickly. The Big Lead reported that Durant will be making his decision on Monday after giving all of his options some real thought. Those who have been holding their breath in anticipation of Durant’s decision during the 2016 NBA free agency will have to wait one more day to see where he is headed.

Do you think that Kevin Durant should continue his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder or should he take advantage of free agency and move along with another team? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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