Bill Maher Blasts Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch For Ill-Advised Meeting

Bill Maher has never shied away from the “liberal” label, freely admitting to it and even challenging other liberals from time to time on topics like the Islamic faith.

On the latest episode of his late night HBO weekly talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, he once again challenged those within his ideology with a takedown of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch and their highly publicized meeting in the midst of a FBI investigation into Clinton’s wife’s email server.

Bill Maher started by asking what was “going on with Bill Clinton” and said that it reminds him of how people say he (Clinton) is “the big dog.”

“Yeah, well big dogs fart,” Maher said, implying that – Bill Clinton or no – the former president screwed up by getting on Lynch’s plane.

That’s when chief MSNBC legal correspondent Ari Melber stepped in and said that the meeting was “not a real scandal.”

Maher pressed Melber, telling him his explanation — that they know each other and their paths were bound to cross — “sounds like real MSNBC boilerplate.”

Melber insisted that the meeting between Clinton and Lynch did not create a conflict of interest in the investigation, to which Bill Maher then asked why it was “she was sounding today like she’s going to have to quit”?

That’s when U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee of California stepped in and said that the Attorney General “has a lot of integrity,” pointing out that she said she would “accept the recommendation of the FBI” as to whether or not charges should be pressed against Clinton for her use of the private email server to conduct State business.

Bill Maher wasn’t having it, though, reminding Lee that was her job.

When Lee tried to bring up the “$7 million Benghazi investigation,” Maher laughed it off and said, “Oh my God… that has nothing to do with it,” adding that the former president put his wife “in a tight spot.”

When Melber tried to reframe the situation as a scenario of “the [former] President wants on your plane, what are you going to do?” Maher shot back.

“How about saying, ‘I’m the Attorney General. I’m looking into your wife, and I’m about to indict her or not.’ How about saying, ‘Get off my plane’? And to talk 30 minutes in private… he screwed Hillary… now she’s under a microscope like she never would have been before.”

Bill Maher is hardly turning to the right with this criticism of Bill Clinton, and he had plenty of ire for Republicans Friday night. But on this point, he seems to be making the case that those on the right are.

That point is this: it doesn’t matter what they talked about in that 30-minute private meeting. It could have been grandkids. It could have been the Clinton email scandal.

Regardless, it created the image of impropriety and continues to raise questions about the integrity of the investigation surrounding Hillary Clinton.

For Bill Maher, the fact that it’s occurring in an Obama administration, with an Obama appointee presiding over the Justice Department who will ultimately be tasked with pursuing or not pursuing charges, will naturally lead to questions with or without the meeting.

That’s true any time the government investigates itself.

But when meetings are taking place behind closed doors without any impartial witnesses, it does raise a reasonable doubt.

But what do you think, readers?

Do you believe that Bill Maher is reading too much into the Clinton/Lynch meeting, and if Hillary is cleared of charges, do you think the backlash will be justified as a result? Sound off in the comments section below.

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