‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Will Mimi Faust And Stevie J End Up Together Again?

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Will Stevie J And Mimi Faust End Up Together Again

Is it possible that Mimi Faust will end up getting back together with Stevie J before Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ends? Mimi teased earlier this week that she will be introducing a new love interest before the season is over. Keeping in mind that Stevie J currently lives in her home and that he’s also single now, some fans think a romantic reunion for Mimi and Stevie might be possible.

Stevie J recently admitted that not only has he left Joseline Hernandez for good but that the former couple was never even married. This isn’t new news to LHHATL fans who largely never believed the marriage claims that Stevie and Joseline spread over the past few seasons.

As Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has dragged through Season 5 with several storylines that were either completely made up or so obviously exaggerated that fans are fed up, there have been new rumors that executive producer Mona Scott-Young has plans to fire the entire cast. According to those claims, VH1 is already working hard to recruit new stars from Atlanta to give the show fresh storylines and a brand new cast.

Mimi Faust told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the rumors of a mass cast firing are completely untrue. Not only has no one been fired (yet at least,) the LHHATL reunion show just filmed a few days ago and Season 5 isn’t done airing yet.

Mimi gave up more information during that interview than just clearing up rumors about what might be going on with the next season. She also told the AJC that with five or six episodes left to complete the season, she has some surprises in store. One of those surprises will be a new love interest but no one knows exactly who that may be.

Considering Mimi Faust and her relationship history, her newest love interest could be anyone’s guess. That’s why some fans are guessing that Mimi might be hooking back up with Stevie J.

Earlier in Season 5 when Stevie J asked to move in with Mimi Faust, a lot of fans didn’t want her to do it. Mimi was considerate of Stevie’s supposed wife Joseline Hernandez and even asked her former friend if it was okay to let Stevie stay with her. Of course, that was fine with Joseline, who seemed just as ready to get rid of Stevie as he was ready to get rid of her.

Soon after Stevie started staying with Mimi, Joseline came back around and filled Mimi’s head full of stories about how Stevie had fathered even more children than he already has. One of the supposed baby mama’s is a woman named Promise B. Mae. As the Inquisitr previously reported, stories of an affair with Promise circulated years ago and now there were rumors that the alleged affair produced a child. To make the situation even more ugly, Joseline claimed that Stevie had been hit with child support and was keeping the information from Mimi.

Armed with a DNA test kit, Mimi Faust and Stevie J showed up to confront Promise B. Mae. It was at that point that Promise admitted that not only was Stevie J not the father of her child but that there wasn’t even a child at all. It was soon after that Mimi found out that Joseline Hernandez had made up the whole story about Stevie J fathering more children with the intent to drive a wedge between Stevie and Mimi.

With Mimi Faust not only defending Stevie J on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but also providing a roof over his head, it seems like a prime opportunity for the former couple to become a couple again. Mimi has been incredibly supportive of Stevie under the circumstances. It would have been a lot easier for her to point and laugh at Stevie amid all of his legal problems, his breakup with Joseline Hernandez and then his admission that they were never even married in the first place.

Do you think Mimi Faust and Stevie J will be getting back together during Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Tell us what you think of the possible love match in the comments section below.

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