WWE News: Update On ‘Holy Foley,’ Mick Foley’s Thoughts On WWE Performance Center

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Mick Foley hasn’t made an appearance on WWE television in quite some time, but that isn’t stopping him from making an impact for World Wrestling Entertainment. He’s currently filming a new show for the WWE Network called Holy Foley. Its intent is to dive into the life of the Foley family to witness all of their antics and quirks. WWE fans often wonder what wrestlers are like behind the curtain, when they’re not performing under a gimmick.

Then again, Foley is often described as a man who lived his gimmick, but his on-screen persona was simply an exaggeration of real life. Here’s a brief synopsis of Holy Foley:

At the Foley household on suburban Long Island, Mick Foley simply sees himself as a stand-up comedian and Santa-loving dad to his family of five, including wife Colette, sons Dewey, Mickey and Hughie, and daughter Noelle, with whom he shares a picture-perfect, father-daughter relationship.

However, unbeknownst to Mick, Noelle has decided she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps, and has been secretly training to join WWE. Just when Mick thought he was out of the ring, Noelle is leading the charge to pull him back in.

As if Noelle’s aspirations weren’t enough, Dewey, Mick’s oldest son, recently landed his dream job as a writer’s assistant on the WWE creative team.

In Holy Foley, real-life antics and laugh-out-loud moments will unfold as cameras follow two generations of Foleys trying to make it in life – and at WWE.

Most fans are anticipating the show to be casual yet previously unseen look at Foley while he isn’t in front of thousands of wrestling fans. Even when he was a guest on Stone Cold’s podcast, there was an audience to entertain while he was there. His daughter, Noelle, was also present for that interview. If the show will be any indication of their rapport as father and daughter, the show won’t disappoint.

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Meanwhile, the filming has continued and is now in Orlando. That portion of Florida is the location for NXT, as well as the WWE Performance Center. While filming on location, the Hardcore Legend paid a visit and had very kind things to say about where the next breed of WWE superstars are trained.

“I can’t say, but I guess somebody could arrive at that conclusion [laughs]. There’s a lot of things going on here. I visited the performance center. I won’t say the cameras were on there [more laughs]. It’s quite a center. I was trying to search for the great, New York Times best-selling author word for center and came up with center. But it really is incredible.”

Does Foley’s involvement in the WWE mean he will become an on-screen regular in the weeks to come? That’s highly doubtful. It appears he is content filming a new show and watching it grow. His last appearance came at WrestleMania 32, when he teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels to take care of the League of Nations.

Shawn Michaels is to return at Wrestlemania 32

There was some Sweet Chin Music, a Stone Cold Stunner, and a Mandible Claw. It’s the closest thing wrestling fans will get to seeing Mick return to in-ring action. His health just won’t allow it to happen. However, the brand split coming up could spark many opportunities for him to get involved on TV. He could become a manager for one of the brands. Mick has done it before.

He’s arguably the most-popular general manager in WWE history. His reign of satirical tyranny helped make WWE programming even better. That being said, his involvement in the WWE is needed, simply because he is so well-liked. Holy Foley is just the start for Mick, as least that’s what fans hope for.

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