Charlize Theron Bares Her Soul On Everything From Superstardom To Parenting

Fast 8, Charlize Theron

Model turned actress Charlize Theron has always enjoyed a degree of success many actors aspire to attain, raising the bar on and off the screen for how a celebrity should present herself, and while Theron has often remained reserved when it has come to talking to the press, Charlize is now opening up a bit more. The Furious 8 actress talks openly about her reasons for privacy, her career, and how her need for a family led her to pursue adoption.

Furious 8 Villain Charlize Theron Opens Up About Privacy And Fame


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A new interview with Elle Canada asks Charlize to discuss her need for privacy, pointing out that the media has often criticized her for being secretive, when in fact, she exposes herself so openly in her films. To that, Ms. Theron argues that she doesn’t expose herself and that she has never shown her own personality in her films, arguing that she has always approached her films as an actress stepping into a role.

“There is a false and very widespread belief that an actress has to give up her privacy,” adds Charlize. “I don’t believe that. I don’t reveal some parts of my private life to the public. That’s what I need to do to preserve my mental health. I want to be able to come home at night and feel that part of me is still intact, secret.”

While she does value her privacy, Charlize also admits to feeling extremely fortunate for the success she’s enjoyed as an actress, particularly as a model turned actress, because even just 10 years ago, that type of lateral transition was almost impossible. She says moving to acting was frowned upon, and it was assumed talentless women were merely using their looks to break into the film business. Even now, years later, Theron still feels lucky for being able to make a living performing her art, because there are so many aspiring actors eager to just achieve that much in their lifetime.

“It’s always the same: to tell stories,” Charlize says, when asked what drives her now in her career. “I see myself less as an actress than as a storyteller, both when I play a role and when I produce films through my own company. Being involved in creating a story that moves me, that makes me think, that makes life more exciting—life doesn’t get any better than that.”

Playing The Role Of A Mom Never Fails To Challenge Charlize Theron


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Too Fab reports that Ms. Theron has always had a strong drive to be a mother, and even acknowledging the struggles that being a single parent would bring, Charlize was still determined to start a family. The Furious 8 actress loves children, and after having adopted two children, she finds that she is definitely suited for motherhood. Still, being able to welcome two adopted children into her home was no easy task, reveals Ms. Theron.

“It’s not easy to adopt, even when you’re a celebrity,” says Charlize. “But when I held my children in my arms, I was happier than I ever expected to be. Today, motherhood is a source of joy every single day, something stronger than everything else, more powerful than my career.”

Recognizing that, as a celebrity, other women might look to her as an example, Charlize makes a point to state that she didn’t choose adoption as a way to make a statement, or to present herself as a role model. Theron chose to adopt because she really wanted a family, and adoption seemed to be the best option. Ms. Theron adds that being a single parent isn’t always easy, but she adapts to the challenges because its worthwhile for her to be a mother.

Fast 8, starring Charlize Theron and Dwayne Johnson, will hit theaters on April 14, 2017.

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