California Vaccine Law Creates Outrage, Opponents Slam Mandatory Shots, Warn Of Toxicity

Bradley Ryder

A controversial law in California has many on edge, and some in the Golden State say the vaccine law is leaving them no choice but to leave the place they call home. Those against the new mandate say the shots, which are meant to protect children from several childhood diseases, are designed to bolster Big Pharma profits. Some claim research shows vaccinations for kids offer little defense and may even be toxic.

On Friday, a mandatory vaccination bill was pushed through the legislation and took effect, much to the chagrin of parents and opponents of the new law. Residents say the new immunization requirement is a violation of the principles of parenting and allows the government to force its will on families, according to a report by the Breitbart News Network.

The new vaccine law in California (SB 277) has been a point of contention for an extended period. Scores of parents led the charge during hearings on the pros and cons of the bill.

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The new law does allow an exception, albeit a strict one: parents can bypass the requirements if a doctor provides an exemption. This is done in cases where the administration of the shots would cause more harm than good -- in rare circumstances, according to sources.

In absence of a "medical exception," children enrolling in school for the first time or upgrading their status to seventh grade are required to either have the shots or be "in the process of receiving the mandated shots."

California Democrats, led by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), the author of the vaccine bill, pushed for passage. Reportedly, proponents used the 2014 measles breakout in Disneyland to bolster their case in favor of adoption. Pan argued that shots offer a significant level of protection from diseases that are largely "dangerous and preventable."

At the time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC), a particular strain of the virulent disease was tied to an outbreak in the Philippines. Several countries and more than a dozen states also detected the strain. However, the measles flare-up had run its course and was on the decline before lawmakers passed the California vaccine law.

Vaccines News vehemently opposes vaccines and claims there is a financial element tied to the production and use of vaccines. The site blames the media for supposedly turning a blind eye to the corrupt practices.

"Why won't the media be the independent investigative force it was meant to be? Easy. Just follow the money. Those direct to consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical ads that urge you to 'ask you doctor' while the voice speed reads potential side effects — abdominal bleeding, increased risk of heart attack or death — has exponentially exploded since Reagan and Clinton deregulated the airwaves. So if Big Pharma is paying the bills, Big Media isn't going to want to reveal the dark side of their sugar daddy. But Mike Adams, the Health Ranger will. Here's an abbreviated list of his ten truths about vaccinations you won't hear on your living room beast box."

— Terry Schaub (@tbird_goinggalt) July 4, 2016

Several sites ran stories about parents vowing noncompliance, while others threatened to leave the state. Some have also said they are willing to home school their children to bypass the vaccine law in California.

What are your thoughts about the new requirements?

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