‘Scream Queens’ Star Skyler Samuels Hopes To Work With Ryan Murphy Again

To fans of Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens series, Skyler Samuels is most recently familiar as Grace Gardner, but she’s certainly not new to acting, nor is she new to working with Ryan Murphy. She also made an appearance as Bonnie Lipton in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Samuels definitely keeps busy with her television roles, but that’s not all the actress has going on in her life. Skyler reveals that she has much in common with her Scream Queens character and shares her hopes for finding the opportunity to work with Ryan Murphy again in the future.

Scream Queens Star Skyler Samuels Hopes To Return To One Of Ryan Murphy’s Shows

As Design & Trend points out, Skyler hasn’t been invited back for Season 2 of Scream Queens, but that doesn’t mean the door has been permanently closed on her return to the series. Samuels is keeping good thoughts on the possibility of working on any one of Murphy’s shows, though she seems most interested in returning to Scream Queens because of the bond she formed with her co-stars. Samuels even shared a picture of the Scream Queens Season 2 logo, captioning the image with warm wishes for a successful second season.

“So happy for my sister slayers who are gonna kill it in season 2,” Skyler wrote in the caption. “Can’t wait to see what scary stories are in store!”

Still, she keeps the dream alive that there will be an opening for her in another Ryan Murphy project.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I know he’s plowing ahead with Scream Queens Season 2 and that will be crazy and weird and awesome as Scream Queens is known to be — as are his other shows,” says Ms. Samuels. “Needless to say, Ryan is always working on something, so if I can be so lucky to work with him again, then I definitely will.”

Skyler Samuels Shared More In Common With Her Scream Queens Character Than Most People Realize

The Scream Queens actress reveals to Yahoo that she didn’t just play a sorority sister on TV; she was one in real life. Skyler worked out her class schedule at Stanford University, so she could attend classes in between filming scenes on the set of Scream Queens. Samuels was going to school for a bachelor of arts degree in media and communications, and she reveals that she just graduated from the program a few weeks ago.

Skyler says the experience of working on Scream Queens was like art imitating life, because she was also a member of a sorority on the Stanford campus. She adds that she’s thankful there were no murderers running loose in the real life sorority house.

“My sorority was filled with amazing, different, accomplished women across all fields,” Samuels says of her sisters. “We had athletes, entrepreneurs. We had women who were killing it in the nonprofit world. We had everybody, so the fact that I was on a TV show about crazy sorority girls was just another flavor in our mix.”

Ms. Samuels is already putting her education to good use. The actress just launched her own smartphone app. It’s called Ask Tipster, and Skyler says it pairs women with hairstylists and make-up artists willing to offer advice. She says Ask Tipster has been something she’s wanted to do for a couple of years now, spurred on by the big way in which beauty styling is involved in the acting business. Skyler says that her friends would often ask for beauty tips based on what they have seen of her on television and on the red carpet.

“I thought to myself, There’s an opportunity here to connect people with experts,” says Ms. Samuels. “We live in this DIY age of YouTube tutorials and trying things out that we see online … What if we can just ask someone in real time and have a conversation with people who can help us achieve the look that we love?”

Skyler Samuels is proud to bring Ask Tipster to users, giving them a one-on-one opportunity to pick the brains of whatever experts with whom they choose to connect.

[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]