Donald Trump Upset That Hillary Clinton Won’t Be Indicted, But Has She Been Cleared?

Donald J. Trump is currently in the middle of an epic Twitter rant aimed at the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As the presumptive Republican nominee, it’s expected that Donald Trump will go after Hillary Clinton as often as he can. However, it’s the main point of Donald Trump’s rant that might raise eyebrows.


Trump’s main issue seems to be the announcement that Hillary Clinton won’t be indicted for using private email servers during her time as Secretary of State. As the Democratic National Convention gets closer and Clinton’s nomination seems assured, whether she will face federal charges has become a hot button issue. It makes sense that Donald Trump would push the issue. There is just one problem, there hasn’t been any announcement related to a potential Clinton indictment.

Bill Clinton caused trouble for Hillary Clinton when he held an impromptu meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch [Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]While Clinton’s potential indictment has been a story for the entirety of her candidacy, the topic picked up steam last week. According to the Washington Post, Bill Clinton committed a major political blunder when he had an unplanned meeting with Attorney General Loretta E Lynch at an airport in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s not known what Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch discussed, but the fact that the Justice Department is investigating his wife was enough for people to draw a conclusion. In fact, reaction to the meeting has been so negative, it doesn’t matter what they talked about. Bill Clinton kicked off a political nightmare for Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama Administration.

How bad was the fallout? Loretta Lynch made a public statement saying she would accept whatever recommendation the FBI makes, effectively abdicating her role as attorney general for this case. Meanwhile, the 20-minute meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch has given Donald Trump much-needed ammunition against Hillary Clinton. With his campaign reportedly struggling financially and the Republican delegates threatening to revolt to deny him the nomination, Donald Trump needs all of the easy wins he can get.

Donald Trump has effectively created a no-lose situation for himself. If the FBI recommends that Lynch indicts Clinton and she stands by her public statement, Donald Trump heads into the summer against an irreparably tarnished opponent who may be impeached on the off chance she takes office. If the FBI doesn’t recommend indictment, or Loretta Lynch reneges on her promise to accept their recommendations, Donald Trump gets to hold the entire situation as proof that the government is rigged. More than that, he can save face if he loses in November by claiming the system was rigged against him from the start.

Donald Trump claims that sources have said Hillary Clinton will not be indicted. [Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]However, Donald Trump’s apparent eagerness to capitalize on the situation may have led him to celebrate his good fortune too early.

A cursory glance at the Sunday news reveals that the FBI hasn’t decided whether to recommend Hillary Clinton be charged with a crime. In fact, it doesn’t seem like the FBI has finished their investigation yet. What source told Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be indicted?

Short of Donald Trump revealing where he heard the rumor, there is no way to know for sure. However, on Saturday, July 2, Christian and conservative website WND claimed that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted by the FBI. WND claimed that CNN reported Clinton had been cleared by the FBI and wouldn’t face charges.

However, CNN hasn’t reported that Hillary Clinton has been cleared. In fact, according to CNN, the FBI met with Hillary Clinton on Saturday, July 2, as part of their investigation. Reportedly, the interview was voluntary, the FBI representatives declined to comment. CNN also stated that they had previously reported no charges are expected to be filed. Contrary to Donald Trump’s rant, whether what Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton did was wrong isn’t the point as far as the FBI is concerned. As a private citizen, Bill Clinton is likely beyond the reach of the FBI, unless it can be proven that he tried to obstruct justice. As for Hillary Clinton, the FBI likely doesn’t care if what she did was wrong. The FBI only cares if what she did was illegal.

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