Someone Added ‘Let It Go’ To This ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene And It’s Perfect

Someone Added 'Let It Go' To This 'Game of Thrones' Scene And It's Perfect

The Season 6 finale of Game of Throne was last Sunday, and fans are still reeling from the shocking finale. There were so many epic moments in the episode it’s hard to just pick one stand out. From the moment Jon Snow was hailed King of the North to the time Arya got her revenge on the Freys in the most gruesome way, everything about this finale was insane. But nothing tops Cersei’s ultimate revenge against the High Sparrow and most of King’s Landing.

Using the wildfire King Aerys II, also known as the Mad King, had hidden under the Great Sept, Cersei has the fire lit, exploding the Sept and a good portion of King’s Landing. The destruction took out the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, and Mace Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, and loads of King’s Landing citizens. Cersei also has Pycelle killed by Qyburn’s “little birds” and captures Septa Unella, to have her tortured by the Mountain as revenge for putting Cersei through the shame walk in Season 5. To say Cersei gets her revenge would be an underestimate.

With so many deaths, and Tommen’s suicide soon after, Cersei finally has the Iron Throne, what she always wanted. For the first time ever there is a queen in Westeros, ruling without a king by her side. Cersei’s complete power reminded one Game of Thrones fan of another queen who had complete control of a kingdom without a king: Elsa.

Although Elsa and Cersei may have very different personalities, they both seek control. For Elsa it was control of her ice powers but for Cersei it’s control of Westeros. YouTube user Tarend discovered Elsa’s song, “Let It Go,” which focuses on her freedom from trying to control her powers and embracing them instead, pairs perfectly with Cersei’s destruction of the Great Sept.

The song syncs up perfectly with the scene of the Great Sept exploding and Cersei watching it crumble to the ground as she drinks her wine. Elsa’s song is about losing control and becoming free and in this moment, although Cersei does gain control of Westeros, she is also free from all those that threatened her and her power. She’s now completely stepped into her role as villain, proudly watching as the Great Sept crumbles and not caring about the innocents that also died by getting caught in the crosshairs of her destruction.

The video ends perfectly on Elsa’s popular line, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Cersei’s smug smile ends the video as she turns aways from the window with the smoke from the Great Sept in the background. This line fits perfectly because we see Cersei step completely into her madness after this scene. When Qyburn later tells her that Tommen is dead, she asks to see the body and doesn’t flinch when she does. She is no longer upset about her children’s deaths. She knew this would happen and was warned that this would be the result of her getting the crown and becoming the queen she always wanted to be.

But now Cersei has accepted those consequences. She knows this is the price she has to pay to get what she wants and she’s okay with that. She doesn’t regret what she did and now she’s ready to take what she believes to be her rightful seat in the Iron Throne.

With Daenerys, along with the ladies of Dorne and Olenna Tyrell, heading for Westeros, however, Cersei probably won’t hold onto the Iron Throne for very long. Unfortunately we have quite a long wait before we discover what will happen with Cersei and all our favorite Game of Thrones characters. Until then we can enjoy this video again and again.

[Photo by HBO]