‘Attack On Titan’ Anime Season 2 Prepped for 2017 Release — Why Are Eren, Misaka, And Armin Together With Armored Titans?

Fans were quite disappointed after the production team behind Attack on Titan announced that the second season will be delayed until 2017, according to The Verge.

Back on November 21, 2014, director Tetsuro Araki said that they are planning for a 2016 release, but on May 8, they retracted the information and said that they will be pushing for an April 2017 release instead, according to Crunchyroll.

As fans try to extend their patience, the production just revealed an important teaser poster for fans to look forward to. In the teaser, Misaka, Armin, and Eren were all standing together with the Colossal and the Armored Titans.

Attack on Titan Season 1 was a revelation to fans, especially for those who are following the manga. The story takes place in a version of the world where humanity is stuck inside cities within a series of walls to protect them from Titans, massive human-beast mix-ups that eat humans for no reason.


The story revolves around a young, brave boy named Eren Jaeger; his adopted sister, Misaka Ackermann; and his best friend, Armin Arlert.

Eren and his buddies were living in an era where for a hundred years, no Titan was ever able to break the walls their ancestors built for them. As the guards started slacking off, Eren was still hopeful human beings could find a more reliable solution to dealing with the Titans other than just being stuck inside walls like “livestock.”

Titans devour human beings for no reason at all, and it has been the humans’ long-time goal to figure out where the Titans are coming from and why they are the way they are. To supplement their research and militia, the humans created the Scout Regiment, an elite group of soldiers who go outside the walls and gather information about the Titans.

Eren’s life will be forever altered by a Colossal Titan, a rare titan that is more than 50 meters tall. The town was so confident that the Titans would never be able to reach them since regular Titans are just about a quarter of the Colossal Titan’s size.

However, when the Colossal Titan barged in the walls, he created an entrance way for the normal Titans to come in. Without warning or preparation, the town that has gotten complacent was reminded about their ever-present fear for their life.


The town was victimized, and Eren’s mother was one of the casualties. The remaining humans were able to create an escape by filling in a massive ship with as many humans as they could. Sadly, Eren’s father was just going back to town.

Eren vowed to avenge his mother, who he saw being torn and eaten with his own eyes. Misaka, his protective sister, decided to join him in the Scout Regiment.

Eren, Misaka, and Armin all grew to be very strong, especially Misaka. However, they would later discover that Titans are not mindless beings who capture and eat human beings. They are not some random sprouts who do not die because there are Titans who could transform as human beings.

Now, aside from creating a strategy for defeating the Titans, they also have to figure out a way to filter who to trust. Sadly, the betrayal would happen from the people very close to them.

Aside from the massive surge of emotional pain the three would encounter, as the new protectors of the city, they also realized that Titans vary. There are Colossal Titans and armed Titans as well. In Season 2, Attack on Titans will explore the deeper understanding of the Titans and the three protagonists challenged with creating advanced technologies to defeat them.

[Image via anime_shingeki/Twitter]