Xbox 360 summer dashboard update hitting soon

Xbox Live is going to be down for an unspecified amount of time on August 11th, but this time for a worthwhile and explicable reason. That’s because Microsoft will be updating your console with a brand new free dashboard update! Hurrah! Here’s what it’ll bring you (a looong, more detailed version can be found here):

  • An update that fixes issues with limited games and with dashboard.
  • The Games on Demand service to the Game Marketplace.
  • Community Games are now known as Indie Games.
  • The abilty to rate content (uses a 5 star rating system).
  • Xbox Live Gold Member Veteran Status.
  • Various improvements Netflix.
  • Eject when there is a disk in the tray! (Yay?)
  • The Avatar Marketplace.

Some of this is a bit trivial. In fact, there’s set to be a much meatier update this fall, one that will introduce full Facebook and Twitter integration. Nevertheless, the “instant on” streaming of Netflix movies and the ability to watch films from the service simultaneously with other users is neat. Also quite cool: the new “Games on Demand” service, which allows you to buy full Xbox 360 titles straight from Xbox Live.

On the other hand, there’s the frankly pointless Avatar Marketplace, where you can blow Microsoft Points on game-themed clothes and accessories for your Xbox Avatar. Man, is it just me, or does Microsoft take us all for absolute idi – * looks at post image again * – OHHH MY GOD REMOTE CONTROL HALO WARTHOG YOU CAN GET A REMOTE CONTROL HALO WARTHOG!!1!