Pippa Middleton And Mother Carole Dish Out Unwanted Party Advice, Should Stick To Fashion And Party Pieces?

It seems the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister and mother, Pippa and Carole Middleton, are attempting to maintain a piece of the spotlight by sharing tips about party planning. Advice on throwing one great party is always welcome, however, as the Daily Mail shares, the mother and daughter duo have relayed tips that are blatantly obvious to the everyday party enthusiasts.

Pippa was ridiculed when she shared advice about party planning within her book that was published not long ago, and now Carole is ready to be mocked for the same sort of evident tips she intends to share. The mother of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shared these tips in a magazine column about throwing the ultimate outdoor party. The publication relays some pretty obvious tips that Middleton included in her list.

“No festival is complete without a tent, that cushions will make sitting down more comfortable, that you shouldn’t cut cake on the floor.”

Middleton also made use of the article to promote and sell items on her Party Pieces website. The Mail continues to share more advice relayed by Carole Middleton to the magazine that is aimed at “stylish, affluent parents.”

The Duchess’ mother goes on to state, “No festival is complete without a tent,” before she suggests various decorations to adorn an outdoor space, such as “rainbows, tassels, bunting, lanterns and florals.” Carole then suggests an obvious well-accepted theme, stating, “a festival theme is definitely an exception to the rule ‘less is more.'”

Directing her advice to busy parents who may find themselves sitting on the floor by times, Middleton then offers advice for making time spent sitting on the ground less unpleasant.

“‘Create a carpet of comfy floor cushions for your guests to chill out on,’ she suggests, before warning: ‘A celebration cake can be tricky to slice and eat if you’re on the floor.'”

Like mother, like daughter it seems. As mentioned, Pippa Middleton was paid a £400,000 advance for her party planning book, entitled Celebrate, back in 2012. Unfortunately the effort was ripped apart by critics who stated that the book was full of obvious and “banal” advice.

The Mail notes some of the mocked tips that were included in the published work.

“In it, she made suggestions such as ‘stargazing is best in pitch darkness on a very clear night’; ‘you can cut up your chicken into portions’; and that you can make ice by ‘filling trays with water’ and putting them in the freezer.”

It seems as though Carole should stick to running her business without giving advice in relation to party planning, much like her daughter Pippa. The stunner and younger sister to Kate Middleton is always in headlines for her fitness regimens and the latest race she and her beau Jason Matthews are involved in. Additionally Pippa has been turning heads for her spot on fashion choices and fit physique.

Pippa made headlines for her appeal at Wimbledon where she donned a gorgeous form-fitting floral dress, accompanied by her usual beaming smile. The Huffington Post notes the attire of the gorgeous sister to Kate.

“Pippa Middleton returned to the public eye this week, and of course, she dressed the part. At day one of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, donned what we’ve deemed the perfect summer dress: a floral number by British designer, Suzannah.”

Although her older sister Kate is often a show-stopper in the field of royal fashion, Pippa brings a whole different appeal seeing as she is free to wear pieces that are sexier and less reserved.

[Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images]