JC Penney To Bring Back Free Haircuts This November

JC Penney has announced that free haircuts for children will return this November, just in time for the holiday season. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the aforementioned back-to-school promotion was a pretty big success for the company. As such, they’ve decided to use it once again in hopes of bringing Christmas shoppers streaming through their doors.

CEO Ron Johnson stated in an email to customers that the promotion was a much bigger success than he’d ever anticipated; nearly 1.4 million kids received free haircuts last August. That extra traffic surely helped JC Penney generated a lot more sales.

The Examiner reports that kids between kindergarten and sixth grade will be able to stop by for a free haircut every Sunday. Unlike the previous promotion, parents won’t be required to present a coupon in order to take advantage of the offer. In fact, all they need to do is pick up the phone and make an appointment. As long as their offspring meet the criteria, a free haircut is all theirs.

Although the program is being considered a success by the company, Business Insider reports that JC Penney’s Q2 results were less than impressive. In addition to experiencing a same-store sales drop of 22 percent, online sales were reportedly down 33 percent. As a direct result of the company’s poor performance, the company will miss its target for the year. Johnson is hoping that another round of free haircuts will help give them an extremely successful holiday season.

If you’d like to participate in the free haircut program, you’ll have your chance to do so on Sunday, November 4. While you’re there, don’t be surprise if JC Penney has a number of tantalizing promotions sprinkled throughout the store. After all, there’s a very good reason why the company is willing to give away haircuts to your children.