‘Star Trek Beyond’ Clip Shows Spock Getting Dating Advice, Film Could Open With $60 Million Weekend

Star Trek Beyond has had a bit of an up and down ride when it comes to excitement about the film from the series’ most devoted fans. The movie’s first trailer brought a ton of angst over just what the film was going to bring to the big screen. The second and third trailers have gone a long way toward assuaging the fears of the fanbase.

It appears Star Trek Beyond is now, officially, on the upswing when it comes to anticipation of the flick. The project is not getting the kind of excitement that people felt when talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that shouldn’t come as a huge suprise. The Star Trek franchise hasn’t spent nearly as much time on hiatus. Beyond still has a chance to make some serious cash.

Deadline reports Paramount Pictures has been charting the projected opening of Star Trek Beyond for several weeks. The studio is now relatively confident the third film in the rebooted franchise is going to see an opening somewhere around $60 million. That’s not a record by any stretch, but it’s not chicken scratch either.


The summer has been a hard one for the biggest of blockbuster movies so far. Films like Independence Day: Resurgence were supposed to bring audiences in from the heat in droves. Instead, popcorn flicks like that movie have been avoided; aus inches are staying home and waiting for them to come out on video.

Star Trek Beyond is certainly yet another big budget popcorn flick, but it has more going for it than that. There’s a very faithful fanbase behind this film. The rebooted flicks haven’t gotten the same kind of attention the originals did, but they’re still getting plenty of Trekkies to the theater.

At the same time, if this threequel does open at $60 million, it would place the film at third of the three rebooted films. That’s neither all that impressive, nor a huge disappointment. Paramount would obviously have liked to see more interest in the third film, but it’s a strong third place showing.

The fact that the enemies in the threequel are largely unknown to all but the most devoted Trekkies isn’t going to help get people who aren’t devoted fans into the theaters. The first two films also had actors playing the villains who were at least somewhat recognizable and known in Hollywood. The alien enemies in this flick appear to either be brand new to most people, or too obscure.

One of the reasons Star Trek Beyond is still expected to pull in audiences is the homages the rebooted series has made to the classics. The new clip which just surfaced is one of those homages. In the clip, we get another look at the romantic relationship between Spock and Uhura.


As you might have guessed, the much loved Star Trek characters’ relationship is not going all that well. When talking about a relationship between a Vulcan and a human, it’s a safe bet there are going to be challenges.

In this Beyond clip we see the two having an argument, and Uhura returning a necklace. What will certainly get Trekkies going is the advice Dr. McCoy gives spock right after the exchange. Nearly every human in the quadrant has been told “it’s not you, it’s me.”

McCoy wants Spock to know that when someone gets this message, it’s really always them. It’s these kind of interactions between the characters that generations of Star Trek fans have grown up loving. It’s a nice hat tip to the classic movies and television shows as well. Star Trek Beyond is due to hit American theaters on July 22.

[Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]