Mitt Romney’s Tax Information Wanted: Larry Flynt To Pay $1 Million

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt will extend up to $1 million for anyone who can provide information on Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

The offer was presented in a full-page ad that ran in The Washington Post’s Sunday edition. The 69-year-old sex industry king is seeking information on Romney’s evasive tax returns which have yet to surface and have been a stormy topic during the election season.

Neither the returns from 2010 or 2011 have been released, causing serious allegations about the candidate to be made. Notably in August, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made a claim that Romney had not paid taxes in over ten years though Reid later took this claim back because it was not substantiated.

Reid did fire back though last week during the Democratic National Convention, pointing out Romney’s Swiss bank accounts and tax havens in the Cayman Islands, The Washington Post reported. The senator urged Romney to release the last 12 years of tax returns, as his father had done when he ran for office.

The first of Larry Flynt’s two full-page ads read: “offering up to a million dollars in cash for documented evidence concerning Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns and/or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships.”

The second ad is expected to run in USA Today on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Sunday’s ad was released only days after Romney had claimed there had been a breach of security at his accountants’ office, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, in Tennessee, where his tax forms were allegedly stolen, NPR reported.

Although a spokeswoman from Pricewaterhouse Coppers said:

“We are aware of the allegations that have been made regarding improper access to our systems… We are working closely with the United States Secret Service, and at this time there is no evidence that our systems have been compromised or that there was any unauthorized access to the data in question.”

Apparently, the tax forms are being held for hostage and the going price just so happens to be $1 million. Perhaps Larry Flynt will be get a call soon.