Dog Saves Owner From Path Of Train In Kazakhstan, Dies In The Process

A dog was killed as it pulled its owner from the path of a speeding train in Afghanistan, sacrificing its own life to save the suicidal man.

The dog’s owner reportedly had been drinking a bottle of alcohol and passed out on the train track, Yahoo! News reported. The man’s dog was by his side during the drunken escapade, keeping watch as the man carelessly laid across the tracks. When the dog saw the approaching train, it sprang into action, doing all it could to pull its owner from out of its path.

“Upon seeing the train, the dog started pulling its owner away,” said Aida Muldashevam, who investigated the incident. “When train drivers saw the dog on the rail tracks, they used the emergency brake.”

The man was rushed to the hospital with a number of bruises and even some broken bones, but he will be all right, Gawker reported.

The dog saves owner story didn’t have a happy ending from here. Though the man was cleared of the speeding train, but the dog couldn’t get out of its way in time and was hit and killed.

The Kazakhstan dog saves owner story isn’t the only instance of extreme loyalty from man’s best friend. A heartbreaking picture of a dog lying by the casket of its owner, a Navy SEAL, went viral last summer, ABC noted. Another dog in a small Chinese village remained at the grave of its owner for weeks, eventually forcing other villagers to build a kennel there so it could remain by its owner’s side.