Mother And Daughter Deemed Too Fat To Work: Is Obesity A Valid Disability Excuse?

A mother and daughter in Scotland have revealed that they are morbidly obese and living off the government, according to Opposing Views. Obesity is a huge global issue; however, this particular case will outrage you. The mother and daughter claim they are paid $51,000 a year in government assistance because they are too fat to work.

Janice Manzur, 44, claims they do not want help to lose weight. Between Janice and her daughter, Amber, they weigh 603 pounds. They argue that they were deemed (legally) disabled due to their body size. Due to their size and health problems, they have difficulty moving around. Both women must use a mobility scooter to get around the home. Janice’s house was remodeled to accommodate their larger size.

Janice worked at a call center and took a leave of absence in 2006 and never returned. Since leaving her job, she had received government assistance. Between Janice and Amber, they rake in about $51,000 in government assistance per year.

Janice wanted to make one thing clear; they are not interested in dieting. The women claim they are happy exactly as they are right now. They understand the health risks of not losing weight, and still refuse to change their lifestyle.

Janice’s diet is mainly already made food, mostly microwavable dinners because they are easier for her than standing up to cook, Daily Mail reports. She believes she is exactly how she was meant to be and says she is “too fat to work.”

Amber, Janice’s daughter, lives 50 yards away and despite living so close, Janice drives to see her instead of walking 50 yards. Amber believes they shouldn’t be judged for their super-sized bodies because she believes it is in their genes to be large and denies their diet could be the cause. Both women refuse to participate in any diet or fitness plans, as they feel, “it won’t help them.”

Neighbors of the women stated that Amber is so large she cannot walk anymore. They explain that she looks miserable most of the time and isn’t as happy as she claims. Both women claim that obesity is a form of disability and think they should not be forced to work.

A National Obesity Forum representative was horrified to learn that people are receiving disability benefits for being obese. He felt that obesity is not a disability, and claiming that it is could be a slippery slope, considering over half the world is considered “overweight” today.

“I think it’s a total exploitation of the benefits system. I’m at a loss for words. There must be a benefits system available to help those people who require assistance and there are many of them. That is correct and that is why it is there. But when it is handed to a family who are happy to exploit it to the degree of £34,000 ($51,700) a year and are refusing to diet the system has gone mad.”

He said the problem is a flawed government system, not their fault exactly. He went on say, at some point, a doctor should have done “something” to prevent the women from gaining such a large amount of weight.

“It’s very difficult to blame the individuals but what I can blame is the health system which actually allowed this to happen. If you had a proper system of monitoring children and adults and were able to introduce them to weight management courses or weight loss courses we would not be in this situation. But the horses have bolted and we can’t shut the stable door.”

Do you think you should qualify for disability if you are morbidly obese? Should the women be forced to diet or lose public assistance? Stick with the Inquisitr for more news stories and updates.

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