‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ Zombie Trailer Invents New Rules [Video]

The Girl With All The Gifts is a film based on a book by M.R. Carey, and now that the trailer has been released, there is something to cheer about for post-apocalypse lovers. Not only do we get a new zombie movie, but we get new rules for the genre. The films, the books, the TV shows, they all have one thing in common. But this film has just that one thing in common and all other rules apply differently.

Just imagine, if you will, a classroom full of kids. They all seem perfectly normal and have the same response to basic questions and answers that any other kid would have. The teacher reads to them and talks to them about things they need to know in order to grow up and learn and they are all attentive with smiles on their faces. There is nothing wrong with their skin or their eyes. They speak normally, breathe air and giggle. The only difference is, they are in wheelchairs, restrained from any movement, and their classroom is a military style bunker.

In The Girl With All The Gifts, these children live in a world that is completely closed off from the real world. They live in a bunker and they get absolutely no human contact. They do speak with other humans and themselves, but they are not allowed to touch anything or be touched by any of the personnel. The teacher is a bit weary of this though, and she sees the children as regular people. The children do not know there is anything wrong with them, other than the fact that they have to be restrained when they are around other human beings.

Then there is that one day when the teacher crosses the line. She touches one of them, even though the child is still restrained in a wheel chair. Nothing happens, of course, but a guard sees it and goes to extremes with the teacher. That is where the real zombie story begins.

The guard takes just a little saliva from his mouth and rubs it on his arm. He then puts his arm directly in front of one of the restrained children, a boy. At first, there is no reaction. Then, the boy hisses at him and suddenly, the boy is no longer there, but is replaced by the instincts of a zombie. The child hisses and lunges forward, but to no avail because the restraints caught him. The teacher learns a harsh lesson that moment and the world outside is full of flesh-eating zombies with rotting bodies and starving appetites. The teacher remembers why she is there and The Girl With All The Gifts starts to take shape.

The Girl With All The Gifts is a single girl in that classroom that has all the gifts, but none of the weaknesses. She has the gift of not dying, the ability to love, the ability to restrain herself, the ability to move about the zombies like they cannot even see her. The Girl With All The Gifts can help the people of the world find their way out and possibly find a solution to the epidemic that has caused a global pandemic.

For those who have been waiting on a zombie film that returns to the laws of science, much like 28 Days Later did over a decade ago, then The Girl With All The Gifts is your answer.

The trailer for The Girl With All The Gifts shows that the film is more than just a post-apocalypse story. It is more than just a zombie film. The Girl With All The Gifts is rather a film about how much a girl with the love of people can give them hope and a reason to survive. But at the same time, don't think that this does not have the zombie gore that most films of the genre have.

[Image via Warner Bros. U.K.]