Aaron Rodgers To Wear 49ers Jersey After Losing Bet To Boyz II Men

It’s a strange situation. Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, will wear a San Francisco 49ers jersey, the team that beat Green Bay on Sunday, because Boyz II Men, the group best known for singing a capella in the early 90s, won a bet.

Yes, apparently Rodgers was responsible for getting the world’s greatest a capella group to sing the National Anthem prior to the Packers / Niners game on Sunday. All the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback had to do was make a bet with Boyz II Men singer Nathan Morris.

According to Complex, Morris and Rodgers made a wager on the outcome of Sunday’s game. If the Packers won, Morris would wear a Rodgers jersey for the rest of the week. If the Packers lost, Rodgers would have to wear a 49ers jersey (of any player he wanted) for the rest of the week.

Well, Rodgers lost.

According to 49ers QB Alex Smith the bet was real.

Smith said:

“I did hear about the bet, someone told me about it. I’ll have to call him and get a picture.”

That picture hasn’t surfaced yet. If there’s any good news for Rodgers it’s that he’ll only have to wear the jersey for a few days. The Packers have a short week this week as they’ll be playing the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers will follow through with his Boyz II Men bet?