Chips And Salsa Brawl Erupts In Dallas Restaurant [Video]

A WWE-style brawl broke out at a Dallas taco restaurant when things allegedly got hot over chips and salsa -- or maybe not.

The co-ed disagreement among the customers (see footage embedded below) featured punching, chair throwing, and hair pulling before it fizzled out.

Social media user Isael Rojas originally posted the video of the melee to his Facebook page, where it has received 2.2 million views and about 33,000 shares so far. Rojas included a comment under the viral video suggesting that the fight came about "All because chips were $5 and they wanted the green salsa instead of the red."

Apart from the content itself, note that the five-minute-plus video is NSFW for language and volume.

Cops apparently made no arrests in the incident that occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on June 25, although the fire department is seen arriving as the video concludes.

There also may be more to the story, however, about what actually provoked the full-on brawl at the Dallas dining establishment.

"Rojas told Telemundo he jokingly said the fight started over chips and salsa, but doesn't actually know what started the fight," NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth reported.

"There are a number of things one might think could spark a fistfight in a restaurant... but chips and salsa doesn't generally rank high on that list. But because this is Texas, and chips and salsa are practically like religion, the ubiquitous appetizer sparked a nasty brawl at Dallas' El Paisano Mexican Restaurant over the weekend," Dallas Eater asserted.
"How about a plate of tacos with a side order of fat lip and a nice, cool can of beatdown?...Next time, use the drive-thru, guys," the Sacramento Bee joked about the wild scuffle at the Dallas eatery.

From a more serious perspective, the latest in a long series of disturbing fast-food or fast-casual restaurant fights again raises the fundamental question as to whether this kind of violence is occurring with more frequency and intensity across America or, in the alternative, we just find out about it more often and faster by way of the immediacy of social media.

"It's a genuinely fascinating video (that would be even better if Rojas remembered the cardinal rule of amateur video shooting: please, for the love of God, put your phone in landscape mode people)...," the Dallas Observer quipped.

Separately, a Milwaukee TV station is reporting that a dissatisfied customer allegedly fired a shot into a Taco Bell drive-thru window because workers forgot to add sour cream to his order.

"Authorities say the man returned a short time later, about 12:20 a.m. Monday, and shot at the bullet-proof window and an employee's car. No one was hurt," ABC affiliate WISN detailed. The suspect is apparently still at large.

As the Inquisitr previously chronicled, two sisters (one of whom was an employee) who were allegedly involved in a chaotic brawl with workers inside a Memphis IHOP restaurant are due back in court this month on charges of assault and vandalism after a court appearance in late June. Complete with multiple blows and chair shots, the encounter was similarly captured on cell phone video,

In May, two female McDonald's employees in South Carolina allegedly got into a brawl over who had to bake apple pies, and the encounter was recorded by a cell phone camera and then uploaded to YouTube. On Mother's Day, 2016, a massive melee broke out in an Atlanta-area steakhouse when customers and employees apparently got into a beef. Again, cell phone footage quickly went viral.

A few days ago, a pregnant Wendy's worker, age 19, in Missouri got into a violent altercation at the drive-thru window with two female customers over missing drinking straws.

[Photo by Liz Schultz/AP]