The Very Last Blockbuster Store In Existence Is On Twitter, And It’s Simply Phenomenal

Everyone knows that the world of streaming video has taken over, and it’s companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu which are the future. There is even some room for Redbox, but there is not a lot of room left for the old-school dinosaurs — video rental stores. Well, there is room enough for at least one, and it’s the very last Blockbuster store in existence, which is still open and is even on Twitter.

Seriously, they are still open for business and are a real store that is in operation even though Blockbuster announced back in January of 2014 that all retail locations were closing. This one Blockbuster location is indeed still open, and they are located in the “Oak Lawn Shopping Center between 3rd and Main.”

Come on, you know where that is, don’t you?

Yes, this location is somewhere in the United States and people are trying to find it, but that’s all the info really being given at this point. For the store referred to as “The Alamo” by the manager, Twitter is getting some hysterical tweets and notices of when new copies of your favorite movies are hitting the shelves.

last blockbuster store twitter funny final [Image via Blockbuster]Some of the tweets that have come forth from the account are hard not to laugh at even if they aren’t the most appropriate things in the world. It’s great to know that the Blockbuster store doesn’t want to carry “adult softcore” due to their morals, but they are willing to do anything to survive.

They’re also apologetic.

The Daily Dot actually caught up with the final Blockbuster store in existence and asked them some of the important questions. One thing that many have wondered about is how they are still open, and the store itself has let it be known that they are “not part of Blockbuster Corporate” and they are “all on our own.”

As for the Twitter account, it’s run by a number of those at the store who also work the registers and clean out the return drop box. They’re fully aware that success hasn’t been coming their way since the invention of streaming services, but they learned that the true issue was that they had “lost touch with our consumers.”

Pretty much, that’s the reason that the Twitter account was created. They like to give rental advice.

The employees at the last Blockbuster in existence also likes to give advice on how you should better things in your life.

When renting out videos and DVDs to customers, they try not to be judgmental, but sometimes, it just calls for it.

Believe it or not, they actually have kept track of the trending changes in technology and which is more successful. While many people are turning to streaming services, they are still finding customers who actually prefer VHS over DVDs, and it’s “pretty much a 50/50 split” on what gets rented more often.

last blockbuster store twitter funny vhs [Photo Illustration by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]The last Blockbuster store is very dedicated to “providing high-quality VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray selections at reasonable blue collar prices.” They’re all about keeping things fun and affordable for the customers they still have.

Don’t look for them to go away anytime soon as they plan on staying open and in business as long as humanly possible.

The last Blockbuster store in existence is not going away without a fight of some kind, and considering they have every right to stay open, they are. While they run their hilarious Twitter account, they are continuing to rent out DVDs, restock the shelves, and wonder why people refuse to rewind their rented VHS copy of Pretty In Pink. They have every intention of staying open until they absolutely have to close shop, but hopefully, that will never happen.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]