‘Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Zakiyah Reveals She Has a Crush, ‘Spy Girls’ Become Suspicious, One Player Considers Throwing POV [Spoilers]

Cia Young

As the Big Brother 18 houseguests learn more about one another and get closer quickly due to isolation and constant contact, romantic feelings are beginning to develop between some players. Additionally, others are becoming very annoyed with one another, suspicion and bitterness swell over alliances and nominations.

As far as love connections go, it's no surprise that many women in the Big Brother 18 house find Paulie very appealing, and several have been extremely vocal about their attraction to him, including Bronte. Nevertheless, Paulie seemed to be instantly attracted to one woman early on, and she appeared to like him very much as well.

According to Joker's Updates, Bridgette relayed to her fellow alliance members that Zakiyah grabbed Michelle in front of everyone. The three women further talked about how Tiffany spoke about an all girl's alliance to Bridgette and how she could be the "glue" between the two different girl groups.

Joker's Updates wrote that Bronte further warned that the "Spy Girls" need to keep their relationship with Tiffany a secret. Bronte also relayed that she helps the other women in the house with everything. Natalie asserted that none of them should throw any other females under the bus, while Bronte wondered if Paulie was the actual ring leader of the other houseguests' alliance. Finally, Bridgette made sure to emphasize to Natalie and Bronte not to tell anyone what was just discussed between the "Spy Girls."

Subsequently, Bronte spoke to live feed viewers by looking at one of the Big Brother 18 house cameras and saying, "Boys cannot be trusted!"

According to Joker's Updates, Tiffany stated throwing the POV is the "bright side" of her nomination, thus, she doesn't feel any "pressure to do well" during the competition. After mulling it over and telling Zakiyah and Da'Vonne that if Frank tries to talk to her, she will "punch him in the face," Tiffany declared she is "100 percent going to throw the veto comp."

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