Move Over Segway, Orbis Has Arrived

The Urban Mobile Vehicle market (if there's still a market) now has a new competitor for the Segway. The Orbis features a sleek design, cool maneuvering abilities and faster speeds, plus it's not a Segway which doesn't hurt it's image.

The Orbis is said to maneuver better around tight corners when compared to the Segway and its top speed of 13mph makes it a slightly faster option over the 12.5mph Segway. It's also electric powered for the eco-friendly consumer and half the size of it's competitors devices. Although at this time there are still some maneuvering issues that are being worked out.

The Orbis is also fully collapsable making it an easy favorite for riders looking to quickly store their portable transported under their desks or in the trunks of their cars once they leave the office.

We don't know if this UMV will come to fruition anytime soon, but given it's improvements over the Segway line it may turn the failing UMV market into a viable alternative to city driving. [via DesignBlog]