WWE Rumors: Chris Jericho’s Current Run With WWE Expected to Last Through “Summerslam”

Chris Jericho Has Fun With the WWE Universe on Raw

Chris Jericho returned to WWE during the first edition of Monday Night Raw of 2016. It was originally assumed that the next coming of Jericho in WWE would only last through Wrestlemania, but it’s July and Y2J is still wrestling and going strong. In fact, he’s going to be drafted like every other WWE superstar, and we don’t know how much longer he’ll be on WWE programming.

Hopefully, he’s around for a very long time because this has been the best run of Jericho in WWE for quite a few years. Y2J is right in the middle of a heel run that has brought him new life on WWE programming and given him the opportunity to pay attention to small details and pull off a character rather than come back to WWE and have some fun in the ring.

“The Gift of Jericho” has been the gift that continues to give for WWE in 2016, but it’s only a matter of time before he leaves to rejoin Fozzy, and it seems like it could happen at the drop of a hat. Well, we don’t know exactly when Y2J will leave WWE programming, but we can confirm that he’ll be around through at least Summerslam in August.

Chris Jericho Makes His Great Entrance at Wrestlemania 32
In related news, “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Neville will be returning to WWE in August. According to a report from WrestlingInc.com, Neville is scheduled for WWE’s upcoming WWE overseas tour of Australia and New Zealand. That may not seem significant, but his opponent during WWE’s tour will be none other than Chris Jericho.

We don’t know if Neville will be on WWE programming before that, and we don’t know if Jericho will be either. However, both men are scheduled and will be a part of WWE’s overseas tour in August, which means they’ll both be around in August. It is interesting to note that WWE’s overseas tour is August 10th through the 13th. Summerslam is only eight days after that.

There is no reason to think that both Neville and Y2J wouldn’t still be featured on WWE programming with the second biggest show of the year a little over a week away. It’s true that Jericho has appeared on WWE live events without being on WWE television before, but it’s unlikely that he’ll only be on house shows overseas after the good heel run he’s had in 2016.

Chris Jericho Stares in Defiance of the WWE Universe
What will be really interesting about Chris Jericho in roughly six weeks is who he will be feuding with by then on WWE TV. The WWE Draft and brand split are now two weeks away, so there is the question of which brand Jericho will be on and who will be available for a feud heading into the biggest show of the year.

Of course, WWE could go the obvious route and have Jericho vs. Neville. They’re already having matches on WWE’s overseas tour, and that could easily lead into the big match situation for Summerslam. As a heel, Jericho has been having great matches with AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, and others. Most importantly, he’s actually been winning a lot of them.

Summerslam seems like a very solid place for Jericho’s run to end. Putting over a new star like Neville would be good business for WWE, and it would be an easy storyline to pull off since Neville’s injury occurred in the ring with Y2J. That’s easy heel heat for him.

If Jericho’s run is ending after Summerslam, it would be nice to see him work with some new talent, continue to have great matches, and eventually put someone over on the way out of the door. What’s interesting is Jericho may not even be done with WWE after Summerslam. That’s just what we have to go on right now.

[Image via WWE.com]