Weird Shape-Shifting Cigar UFO Sighted Over Rochester, Pennsylvania

A witness in Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, has reported sighting a white cigar-shaped UFO that morphed as she watched it fly across the sky.

According to the witness' testimony filed as Case 77094 by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the strange UFO sighting occurred at about 6:34 p.m. on June 14, 2014, Open Minds reports.

She was in the backyard of her home in Rochester when her husband called out, saying there was a UFO in the sky.

"I came outside, but it had gone behind the big trees behind our house," she reported. "We waited two-to-three minutes and then we could see it again."

According to the witness, the UFO had a shape like a Q-tip, with one end round and other end a triangle shape. It sailed across the sky very slowly, the witness recalled, and stopped to hover for some minutes. Then it began moving slowly again, and then stopped to hover for some minutes once again.

"It was a white cigar shape, with left end round and the right end triangle shape – like a Q-tip, but bigger ends," she recalled. "It was horizontal. Going straight really slow, then stopped and hovered for a couple minutes, then moved again, hovered etc."

"It is hard to explain the shape," she admitted. "The sun was behind me and it was not reflecting sunlight on the surface."

She also noticed that when a jetliner that took off from the airport nearby flew past, the UFO appeared larger. But she could not tell whether this was due to the UFO being closer than the jetliner.

She admitted that the UFO was too far away to judge its size accurately. It was also too far away in the sky and too blurry to make out the finer details of its structure. But the witnesses were certain it had no lights.

"It was too far away to guess the actual size, but it appeared big, at least 100 feet long," she said.

"It was a white cigar shape, with left end round and the right end triangle shape – like a Q-tip."

She recalled that as it moved slowly across the sky, the triangular end of the Q-tip shape appeared to detach and move away from the UFO, about 100-200 feet, before it disappeared mysteriously.

"It appeared to be shape-shifting or morphing and changing shapes," she said. "It would appear round, then elongated, then like a triangle."

"A large jumbo jet flew by the UFO and it appeared slightly bigger than a jet, but I don't know if it's because it was closer than the plane, therefore it looked bigger," she continued.

"At one point the triangle shape to the right moved away from the object – maybe 100-200 feet – and disappeared."

She thought it was too large to be a drone or a helium balloon. Its shape-shifting behavior only compounded the mystery, but she was able to rule out a blimp. According to the witness, the fact that the object was able to remain stationary, hovering in the air for several minutes despite the fact that it was a windy day, ruled out suggestions that it was a balloon or a blimp.

She and her husband watched the mysterious object for about 10 minutes before it drifted out of sight. They watched it drift south in the direction of the Ohio River and Pittsburgh.

"I watched it for about 10 minutes until it moved south and my view was obscured by more big trees," she said. "I live about 10 blocks or one mile from the confluence of the Ohio River and Beaver River."

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