'Alaskan Bush People': Hawaiian Family Reunion?

Alycia Ancell

The stars of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family, created quite an uproar over the past week. Fans and naysayers alike were ready to start a riot when they learned that the Brown family missed an opportunity to reunite with Ami's mother, Earlene Branson.

It turns out that while the Browns were missing out on reuniting with Ami's mother, they were catching up with one, possibly two, of Billy's family members.

Ami's 83-year-old mother made the 7,000-mile round trip journey from Texas to Alaska in hopes of seeing her daughter one last time, but the meeting never took place. There were no Browns in "Browntown" when Earlene arrived.


So where did the Alaskan Bush People family disappear to? It appears the Browns felt they needed to take a break from the cold, even though it's summer in Alaska, and headed to Hawaii.

Earlene left Texas en route to Alaska on June 28. Not long after, on July 1, a photo of three of the Brown children, Noah, Snowbird, and Rain, surfaced on Instagram, placing them in Maui. A tweet placed Bam Brown in Maui as well.


Matt Brown, who recently left rehab for alcohol abuse and then claimed in an interview with People that he wasn't an alcoholic, was also on the Hawaiian vacation.


As for the little family reunion mentioned above, Twila, the recently revealed daughter of Billy Brown from his first marriage, was also in Hawaii this past week. Twila updated her public Facebook cover photo to a photo of herself in front of the clouds captioned, "In Hawaii."

It is also rumored, though not officially confirmed, that Twila's daughter was also in Hawaii with her. It looks like the Browns set up a little family reunion in Hawaii for Billy to spend time with his granddaughter.

Several people have questioned exactly how the Browns managed to pay for this lavish trip to Hawaii when they are notoriously spouting on about how poor they are on Alaskan Bush People. The Browns are famous for bartering their way through life, having no other means to pay for the things they need. The Brown family from Sister Wives on TLC, which Discovery is the parent company of, also went on their own Hawaiian vacation with 23 of their family members. It stands to reason, based on this, that the Browns had this trip handed to them by Discovery and never had to use a penny of their own money.

[Image via Twitter]