Katy Perry Just Broke A World Record, But It’s Not What You’d Expect

Katy Perry is undoubtedly one of the biggest pop stars in the world. However, most people wouldn’t put her in the top spot over mega stars like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, who are some of the best-selling artists of all time. As of today, there’s one thing that Katy Perry can claim she has that those other two singers don’t: 90 million followers on Twitter.

According to Mashable, Katy Perry is now the queen of Twitter, having just become the first person to reach the 90 million milestone since the social media site began back in March of 2006. Though Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift both have massive Twitter followings of 83.8 and 79 million respectively, Katy Perry quickly surpassed them and earned the title of the most followed person in the world.

Twitter congratulated Katy Perry for breaking the world record and made a special tweet just for her.

The Grammy-winning singer responded to the Twitter milestone with a re-tweet and the words “Dang this is tight.”

According to Forbes, Katy Perry picked up an enormous amount of followers within a relatively short time, getting 20 million followers within the last year alone. If she keeps up this pace, Katy Perry may also become the first Twitter user to hit 100 million followers. The artist is also slated to release some new music this year, which could only contribute to her swelling group of supporters. It’s been awhile since Katy Perry’s last album, so 2016 is destined to be a large promotional year for her.


According to Business 2 Community, upon Katy Perry’s arrival at 90 million followers, Twitter also publicized a small list of things that her fans have been tweeting about her. The words most often used to describe Katy Perry include “queen,” “amazing,” “beautiful,” “[the] best,” and “[my] spirit animal.”

Strangely, Katy Perry’s success on other social media platforms doesn’t come close to her Twitter fan-base. Her photo-stream on Instagram is only followed by about 51 million people, and she has 71 million likes on Facebook.

Though Taylor Swift is probably not too worried about being the queen of Twitter, she and Katy Perry have been in the middle of an infamous feud for quite some time now. Rumor has it that Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” is in reference to her beef with Katy Perry, and Perry supposedly wrote the song “1984” as a musical jab at Taylor Swift.

Twitter isn’t the only place that Katy Perry has triumphed over Taylor Swift. As of late last year, Perry beat out Swift as the top-earning woman in pop music, according to Us Magazine.

Though Justin Bieber also once held the top spot of most followed on Twitter, his decline in social media popularity is less surprising if you’ve been keeping track of his general decline in popularity. While the young singer still has a gigantic devoted fan base, a string of unfortunate mistakes and publicity nightmares have recently dwindled the brightness of Bieber’s rising star. At his Comedy Central Roast, Justin had to sit through so many insults that he reportedly cried. Kevin Hart later admitted the roast was “rough.”

But Katy Perry seems to have Justin Bieber’s back. One of her most popular tweets of all time claims that she is a “Belieber” herself.

What do you think about Katy Perry breaking a world record for most Twitter followers? Do you think she’ll be the first to hit 100 million? Or will another pop star rise up and steal the Twitter crown?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]