Akon Admits To Children Out Of Wedlock, Files For Shared Custody

Akon is manning up and taking responsibility for two children he had out of wedlock in 2008 and 2009. Akon filed paternity docs in court last month in order to become the legal father of two boys.

To make his fatherhood official Akon filed a Petition for Legitimation in GA Superior Court.

In his court filing Akon has specifically asked for joint legal custody of his sons, along with permission to be involved in all major decisions regarding their well-being. Akon has even asked that the court award a fair amount of child support based on his huge income.

Going one step further Akon has asked the court to grant the boys permission to inherit his fortune should anything happen to him. Akon has also asked that the boys keep his last name “Thiam.”

Speaking to TMZ sources say:

“Akon has been a father to the boys since they were born, and this is just a necessary step to make sure he is legally recognized as such.”

Having kids out of wedlock is nothing new for Akon who in the past claimed to have children with at least 3 different women.

At this rate Akon will end up paying out 99% of his income to various women all over the world, that is if he just keeps demanding that the court issue child support based on his massive music wealth.

Do you think Akon is doing the right thing by manning up and offering to pay the way for the children he had out of wedlock?