'John Carter' Director Andrew Stanton Hopes The Film Will Become 'Blade Runner'

Todd Rigney

Director Andrew Stanton, the man responsible for directing the massive box office failure John Carter, recently discussed the film's lack of success and his hopes for the flick's future down the line. According to Cinema Blend, the filmmaker has high hopes for the financial disaster, which caused Disney to lose nearly $200 million. Stanton hopes that the picture will ultimately find its audience down the road, much like Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

John Carter served as Stanton's live-action directorial debut, which arrived after helming such Pixar-produced hits as Finding Nemo and Wall-E. During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Stanton revealed that he was pretty much left alone to tackle the project by the studio, which is a rarity in the industry.

"We didn't always agree on which direction to take every step of the way, but there was never serious contention," Stanton explained. "The truth was everyone tried their very best to crack how to sell what we had, but the answer proved elusive."

Although making the jump from animation to live-action may have been a disastrous move for John Carter, the experience hasn't stopped the director from moving forward with his career. After taking a much-needed break following the picture's experience at the North American box office, Stanton is preparing to take the reins of the upcoming Pixar flick Finding Nemo 2, the sequel to the filmmaker's popular 2003 endeavor Finding Nemo.

Stanton revealed to the Los Angeles Times that he hopes the film will find an audience in time. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, for example, wasn't well-received when it arrived in theaters back in 1982, though it eventually garnered a following on VHS and, eventually, DVD and Blu-ray.

According to Box Office Mojo, John Carter only made $73 million during its theatrical run in North America. Internationally, the film fared a little better, earning $203 million in ticket sales. Considering the film's production budget was an estimated $250 million, the flick's gross isn't nearly as impressive as one might initially believe.

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