Kanye West Watched Kim’s Sex Tape With Other Women [Report]

Stunning reports suggest that before Kanye West got together with Kim Kardashian, he would watch her sex tape while he was “intimate” with other women because, well, it was just the only thing he could do to get into the mood.

We’re beginning to sound a little bit like the older Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother: “Kids, don’t ever make a sex tape.” While the press undoubtedly helps aspiring nobodies make a career, you run the risk of it being the only thing you’re ever really remembered for. Take, for instance, perhaps the most famous celebrity sex tape ever created starring Kim Kardashian and then-boyfriend Ray J. It just keeps coming up in the press in new and disturbing ways.

Case in point: TMZ reports that Kanye West used to watch the sex tape with other women (before he was dating Kardashian) in order to “get in the mood.” Yeezy has had a thing for Kardashian for years – even attempting to break her up with Reggie Bush in 2009 so they could be together – and he apparently coped with his Kim-less loneliness by viewing her sex tape before sleeping with other women.

And we know that Kanye likes the sex tape. He brags about it in one of his upcoming tracks.

If these reports are true, they fit with our theory that Kanye’s love for Kim borders on unhealthy obsession. His track “Perfect B*tch” was dedicated to and inspired by Kardashian, reports sohh.com. “I wrote the song Perfect B*tch about Kim,” Kanye tweeted at the time of the track’s release, and Kim was apparently all-too flattered by the nod.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t yet commented on Kanye’s leaked track, which references her Ray J sex tape, and Kanye’s camp hasn’t said anything as to the rumor regarding Ye’s viewing of that tape to get into the mood with other women. It’s all rumor and speculation at this point, even as Kim admits that she wants to marry Kanye one day (you know, after that whole divorce thing clears up).