Webcycle Rewards Peddlers With More Bandwidth

The Webcycle may very well be the next big thing in fitness. The bike offers internet access, but only to motivated cyclists who are willing to work for their bandwidth, while at the same time getting a full cardiovascular work out.

The bike is hooked up to an Ubuntu based OS that users sensors to determine how fast the user is peddling the bike. The faster the peddles move the more throughput the user receives. Essentially if the user peddles fast the sensors allow for more bits and bytes to be sent through the system.

For users who may just want to take part in some casual web surfing, such as loading text based webpages and mobile pages, the system only requires a casual slow peddle to operate. We probably wouldn’t recommend trying to download large video files, unless of course you plan on riding out a practical marathon to complete the take in any reasonable amount of time.

Here’s a video of the bike in action:

[via Engadget]