Gore’s Daughter Arrested In Pipeline Protest, ‘Proud’ Father Speaks Out In Support

Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, was arrested along with 22 others in Boston on Wednesday. The former Vice President’s daughter was at a demonstration to protest the construction of a pipeline.

Gore’s daughter will likely be arraigned today. Meanwhile, Gore could not be prouder of his 42-year-old daughter standing up for environmental justice.

Gore’s daughter was among protestors who lay in a trench that had been dug up so that construction could not proceed at Spectra Energy’s West Roxbury Lateral pipeline site.

Al Gore’s daughter and the 22 others had to be removed by firefighters, as reported by The Boston Globe. The former Vice President, however, has voiced his support for his daughter through a spokeswoman.

“We are facing an existential crisis and should speed up the transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy and a decarbonized economy,” Gore said.

Karenna, who tweeted the following image of the protest, is the director of Centre for Earth Ethics at the Union Theological Seminary and a prominent climate crusader.

Gore’s daughter, reported NBC News, said in an email that she was honored to be in the trenches as part of a protest that voices concerns over environmental disturbance and safety surrounding the pipeline construction.

“…[T]hey made the case that there are higher moral principles at stake here that merit nonviolent civil disobedience. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should be helping us transition to renewable energy like solar and wind but instead they almost always defer to the fossil fuel industry.”

Gore's daughter
Gore congratulates his daughter as she graduates from Columbia Law School. [Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers/Getty Images]

Karenna is Al and Tipper Gore’s eldest child. Educated at Harvard University, Columbia Law School and Union Theological Seminary, she is the author of the book Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Shaped Modern America, a compilation of profiles on the female movers who built the modern nation.

Gore’s daughter now faces charges of disrupting peace and trespassing. The Daily Mail quotes Houston-based Spectra Energy Corps’ spokesperson, who in a statement made it clear that their company would not condone disruptions to their work day routines.

“Our pipelines provide a vital source of reliable, affordable energy for the nation’s homes, hospitals, businesses and schools. Low energy prices help everyone, particularly those least able to pay their bills.”

Gores daughter
Al Gore and Karenna at the Democratic National Conventionin Los Angeles in 2000 [Photo by Charles Krupa/AP Images]

Gore’s daughter was a prominent face throughout her father’s campaign as Democratic candidate in the 2000 Presidential election, where he lost closely to George Bush. An environmentalist like her father, Karenna has been a keen campaigner for environmental purity.

However, this is the first time that she has been involved in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience, she told Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

“What we did was we went in, in a nonviolent and peaceful way, and the intention is to stop work on this pipeline. By the way, the city of Boston is litigating against this pipeline. This is an area where there is an overreach of federal power against the will of a local community. Every elected official in that neighborhood is against this pipeline. We were standing with the people who are objecting, not only because of climate change impacts, but also because of concern for their own communities.”

Fossil fuel and prison abolition activist Tim DeChristopher was also one of those arrested. He tweeted about refusing a deal and pushing forward with the agenda of stopping Spectra’s construction.

Gore’s daughter and DeChristopher likened the pipeline construction activity to the practice of “digging a mass grave.”
[Photo by Kori Feener/AP Images]