Nevada Man Shoots Golfer Who Broke His Window

Reno, NV – An angry gentleman who was none too pleased that someone broke his window allegedly shot the golfer who sent the ball sailing through the glass, Fox News reports. Instead giving the guy a tongue lashing and sending him the bill for the repairs, the guy opted instead to whip out a gun and fire off a few shots of his own. Fortunately, nobody was seriously wounded.

Clearly frustrated by the incident, 53-year-old Jeff Fleming decided to take matters into his own hands when the golfers on the 16th hole of the nearby course accidentally sent a ball through the man’s window. Although it’s not uncommon for golf balls to hit area homes, apparently Fleming had reached the end of his rope. After shooting at the culprits, the suspect reportedly turned himself in.

“The neighbors were shaking their heads, and we were shaking our heads, and no one could put rhyme or reason to this (shooting). It’s crazy,” Lieutenant Keith Brown explained. “I’ve been an officer for 25 years, and if you’re here long enough, I guess you’ve seen everything.”

According to The Star Online, Fleming strolled out of his house armed with a shotgun. After approaching two golfers about the broken window, the angry homeowner took aim and pulled the trigger. Although one man was wounded as a result, the injuries to his arms and legs are considered minor. Given Fleming’s weapon of choice, the whole scenario could have played out much, much worse.

Fleming was eventually released from the Washoe County jail after posting $40,000 bail. He currently faces felony charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon for shooting at the golfers who allegedly broke his window. Neither the ill-tempered homeowner nor his lawyer, Larry Dunn, have commented on the case as of this writing.

Have you ever had your windows broken by a stray golf ball?