‘RHOC’ Stars Vicki Gunvalson And Tamra Judge At War — Vicki Is ‘Disgusted,’ Tamra Thinks Vicki Should Quit

Vicki Gunvalson’s war with Tamra Judge continues to escalate on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Following the latest episode, Gunvalson told Radar Online that she is completely “disgusted” with Judge.

“I am disgusted by Tamra’s immature antics,” Gunvalson admitted. “I’m trying to ignore her, but it’s draining.”

Gunvalson’s comments were sparked after Judge bashed her former friend on social media. In several posts on Twitter, Judge dished on Gunvalson’s involvement in Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam last season and cautioned her co-stars to watch out.

“It’s always been bad, and she is mean to everyone in her life,” Judge wrote.

As fans will recall, Gunvalson’s involvement with Ayer’s lies has been an ongoing issue between the ladies. While Gunvalson tries to move on with her life, not everyone is so quick to forgive.

'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson Reveals The Truth About Brooks Ayers' Cancer Scam — 'There Were Lies Being Told' [Photo by Jeff Gentner/Stringer/Getty Images]
Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers [Photo by Jeff Gentner/Stringer/Getty Images]

For her part, Gunvalson didn’t react kindly to Judge’s comments. In fact, the reality star hopes that Bravo producers step in before it’s too late.

“She wants to be portrayed I guess as the ‘mean girl,’ and I hope Bravo and the media wise up to her and stops her in her tracks immediately,” Gunvalson added. “There is no excuse for a supposed ‘Christian woman’ to act this way.”

Gunvalson didn’t stop there. She also believes that Judge’s criticisms are unfounded and a reflection of her own insecurities.

“I have done nothing to her to cause this chaos with her and I don’t appreciate or will tolerate her foul language anymore,” she continued. “It’s classless and makes her look like she is reaching for something to talk about which is always me! Maybe she wants deflection on her own issues.”

Vicki Gunvalson has had a difficult time making friends on this season of RHOC. Following everything that went down between Ayers and Gunvalson last season, most of the ladies are having trouble trusting their co-star.

According to Wet Paint, the situation worsened after rumors claimed Gunvalson wants to get back with Ayers.

“I can only speculate but I do think they’re still talking, and I think it’s only a matter of time before they get back together,” Judge shared during an interview with Andy Cohen.

That being said, CBS 8 is reporting that Gunvalson is currently dating Steve Lodge. The two have been in a relationship since May.

Vicki Gunvalson (with Tamra Judge) has struggled to mend her friendships with her costars. [Image via Bravo]
Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge in happier times. [Image via Bravo]

Furthermore, Gunvalson set the record straight about her status with Ayers.

“For the record, I am never getting back with Brooks, haven’t seen him since last August, wish him the very best but we both have moved on,” she stated.

What did Judge have to say about Gunvalson’s new man? Apparently, the reality star isn’t buying it. In fact, Judge doesn’t believe their relationship will last very long.

“He seems like a really nice guy. But Vicki doesn’t like the nice guy. She likes the bad boy,” Judge said.

Of course, Gunvalson’s relationship with Lodge is still going strong. While Lodge won’t make a lot of appearances on RHOC, Gunvalson isn’t afraid to display their relationship on Instagram.

Even though it appears that Gunvalson has moved on, Judge still thinks it is time for her to leave the show.

“I think that she’s caught up in the show, and she doesn’t even know what her reality is anymore,” Judge explained. “When you create a storyline, that’s when it’s time for you to go. So the O-G may need to G-O.”

Considering their war of words, it doesn’t look like Gunvalson’s beef with Judge is going to end anytime soon. Fans can watch the drama unfold when new episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County air Monday nights on Bravo.

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