Did Taylor Swift Cheat On Calvin Harris With Tom Hiddleston? Hiddleswift Romance Timeline Is A Little Fishy

Taylor Swift’s romance with Tom Hiddleston is moving a lot faster than expected.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Swift parted ways with Calvin Harris, and yet her relationship with Hiddleston is already kicking into overdrive. Is this a sign that they were together before she broke up with Harris?

An inside source told Hollywood Life that Harris suspects that Swift cheated on him with Hiddleston.

“[Swift] claims she didn’t cheat on Calvin, but the timing is suspect, and Calvin certainly believes that she did,” the insider explained. “Taylor just seems way too comfortable with Tom already.”

Apparently, Swift and Hiddleston’s dance during the Met Gala only confirmed Harris’ suspicions.

“Taylor and Tom had a connection at the Met Gala, that much is clear, and they kept in touch even though she was with Calvin at the time,” the insider continued.

Swift’s now famous jig with Hiddleston wasn’t the first time Harris suspected something was amiss. Even when their relationship was going strong, Harris thought that Swift was cheating on him.

Harris just didn’t know who Swift was cheating with.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are over. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner]Either way, Harris now feels as though Swift betrayed him in the ultimate way.

“He feels like [the] pictures confirm his suspicions, and it changes everything,” the source added. “He is so angry and betrayed. He is convinced that Taylor was cheating with Tom while they were still together.”

Although the cheating allegations haven’t been confirmed, Swift’s actions with Hiddleston are definitely circumspect.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Swift and Hiddleston have been spending a lot of time together following the breakup. Last week, Swift brought Hiddleston along to a Selena Gomez concert in Nashville.

After Gomez gave Taylor Swift her approval, she introduced the actor to her parents, Andrea and Scott.

As if that wasn’t enough for their new relationship, Hiddleston flew Swift to Suffolk to meet his parents.

At this rate, Swift and Hiddleston are either hitting it off perfectly or they have been together for longer than anyone thought.

To add more suspicions, Hiddleston shared in the past that he doesn’t like to discuss his dating life with his anyone. Apparently, those rules don’t apply to Swift.

“One day I hope when there’s really something to write about, then, I’ll be able to talk,” he stated.

Of course, Hiddleston wasn’t afraid to talk about his interaction with Swift after their Met Gala dance.

“I sat next to her at dinner that night and she’s very charming, she’s amazing… and she’s very cool,” he said.

Apart from Swift’s cheating ways, Radar Online is reporting that Harris also cheated on her.

Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston Slams Kanye West As 'Classless' Over 'Famous' Controversy Tom Hiddleston [Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]An inside source told the outlet that Harris sent multiple nude photos to a number of different women. The images in question haven’t been confirmed, though they do resemble Harris in a number of different ways.

At this time, neither Harris nor Swift has officially addressed the cheating rumors.

That being said, Hollywood Take reports that Harris wrote a few messages on social media about his breakup with Swift.

For starters, Harris told fans that Swift was the driving force behind the split.

“I didn’t leave anyone and she’s definitely not sad… She controlled the media and the situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective,” Harris allegedly said.

Harris added that he wasn’t too sad about the breakup and expressed happiness for being free of Swift.

Of course, Harris has since denied sending the messages. Considering how Harris normally keeps his private life tightly under wraps, there is a possibility that he didn’t write the messages.

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