Eddie Money Addresses Ex-Drummer’s ‘Evil’ Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Eddie Money is speaking out on the discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit his former drummer has filed against him. Money has filed an anti-SLAPP motion to strike the age discrimination portion of drummer Glenn Symmonds’ complaint, according to Billboard, and he had plenty to say about the harassment claims, too.

Eddie Money’s longtime drummer claims that he was fired by the rock legend due to his age and a medical disability, but Money dismissed the lawsuit as “frivolous.” In his motion, Money states that Symmonds’ claim “raises serious First Amendment concerns.”


Eddie Money laid off his band, including his drummer of more than 40 years, last summer so he could tour with his children. While the “Baby Hold On” rocker intended to rehire the entire band, he alleges that Glenn and his fiancée Tami Landrum went on the attack with malicious internet posts and threatening voicemails left for concert promoters, so he terminated the drummer.

“Even if Symmonds denies that he was the source of the threatening messages to promoters and false statements to fans, Eddie logically believed him to be the source and his decision not to bring Symmonds back to the band was based on that belief,” the motion reads.

“The fact that Eddie did not invite Symmonds to rejoin the band had nothing whatsoever to do with his age. Nor did it have anything to do with the fact that Symmonds had been diagnosed with cancer a few years earlier.”

Last fall, Symmonds filed the lawsuit claiming Eddie Money wrongfully terminated him due to his age and physical difficulties after a back injury and cancer diagnosis. In May, the drummer amended the lawsuit to include the sexual harassment claims, according to Billboard.

The suit alleges that Eddie Money mocked Symmonds’ disabilities onstage and made sexual advances toward his fiancée, Tami Landrum. In the updated filing, Symmonds stated that he endured “constant ridicule and harassment” from Money after his bladder cancer diagnosis, alleging that the singer mocked his urinary incontinence by telling a concert audience that their tour was sponsored by Depends adult diapers.

The suit also claims that Money made suggestive comments to Landrum and hit her in the face with a microphone after pretending it was his penis. Other claims allege that Money unzipped his pants while facing Landrum onstage and proceeded to perform a lewd act.


Eddie Money addresses the lawsuit on Facebook, telling fans that Glenn’s claims are “preposterous.” In a lengthy post, Eddie revealed that the price of fame includes being abused by “people you thought you could trust, in this case, my former drummer and his girlfriend.”

“Glenn Symmonds and his girlfriend are trying to damage my reputation not only as a professional entertainer, but as a husband and a father,” Money wrote. “Having something like that happen to you is like the Twilight Zone, so preposterous and downright evil.”

Money also pointed out that he was a support system for his former drummer after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer several years ago.

“I raised thousands of dollars to help Glenn beat his bladder cancer and I was proud, along with the band, to do it.” Eddie wrote. “I know how tough that disease is. My mother died of cancer. I am glad that Glenn is healthy and I wish him well. But I wish he and his girlfriend would no longer assault me and my family with malicious falsehoods that impugn my integrity in an effort to make money for themselves through a bogus lawsuit.”


Money also defended his right to replace his band with members of his family, pointing out that while Glenn wasn’t fired because he was “old or ill,” he now loves having his own son, Julian, as the drummer in his band.

“I don’t believe my former drummer can dictate to me how I present my music to my fans,” Money wrote.

“Seeing that he has no case for wrongful termination, Glenn has put his girlfriend up to making crazy accusations that I sexually harassed her … It only goes to show that there are bad people in this world.”

Eddie Money added that he hopes he and his wife, Laurie, can put the whole thing behind them and “never have to think about these two people again.” You can see Eddie Money’s full Facebook post below.

Take a look at the video below to see Eddie Money making a joke about firing Symmonds.

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