Harry Styles, Zayn Malik Solo Careers Get Opposite Reactions, Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Briana Has Her Own Bizarre Theories

Harry Styles is officially set to be a solo star, and fans of One Direction and Zayn Malik have been noting today that the solo plans of the former pals were greeted with very different fans reactions on Twitter. In fact, some Zayn fans are really furious about the discrepancy!

Meanwhile, the custody battle between Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth is heating up, and it sounds like Louis’ ex has some wild ideas about Louis’ new girlfriend Danielle Campbell and what she may be hiding.

Harry Styles’ has signed a deal with Sony and Columbia to release his solo music under their banner. It follows a furious bidding war in which Universal and Sony battled for Harry’s services. An insider told the press that Sony pulled out all the stops, showering Styles with cash to try to convince him to stay, according to Express.

“Harry is being offered so many incentive to stay. They’re breaking the bank for him.”

It looks like Sony’s efforts paid off, because Harry stayed with the Sony in the end, though he was reportedly “tempted” by the Universal offer.

#CongratulationsHarry started trending on Twitter today. And while some Twitter-users were giddy with pleasure about the prospect of new music from Styles, others took time to lament how very differently Zayn Malik’s solo career announcement was greeted all those months ago when Zayn quit One Direction.


“Zayn got hate for leaving the band but Harry gets this hashtag #CongratulationsHarry,” one person wrote.

Of course, the difference is mostly down to the fact that Zayn quit One Direction so dramatically — in the middle of a tour, in fact — while Harry has always insisted, along with the other guys, that he will be back with the band in 2017. Indeed, Harry’s decision to stay with Sony’s Columbia, which took One Direction to stardom in collaboration with Simon Cowell’s Syco, has been interpreted by many as a sign that the One Direction guys will be back and that Harry Styles is staying close to his roots.

Zayn Malik also earned the ire of many One Direction-lovers when he appeared to diss the band in a number of interviews, saying that he felt the music was uncool and that he would not listen to it.

Zayn has expressed surprise about the strong reaction to his interview comments. Zayn also denied rumors that he feels ill will towards Harry Styles or any of the other boys. Zayn was quoted as saying he has nothing but love for Harry, reports Hollywood Life.

Zayn has been proving that he is a kind soul this week — Twitter and Instagram went crazy after Zayn direct-messaged a fan offering to pay for the surgery of her family’s pet cat, who was abused by a sadistic roommate.


Zayn wrote “Hey I’d like to pay for the cat’s surgery can you send me the details of where to transfer the money please.” Shortly after, an image started doing the rounds, showing that Zayn had indeed contributed $5,000 to the gofundme campaign to pay for Nino’s surgery.


In other One Direction news, reports are popping up saying that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth are headed back to court as Louis fights for the right to see his son Freddie regularly.

Tomlinson claims that Briana has been “inconsistent” in giving him access to his son, reports TMZ. Louis reportedly believes that Briana’s behavior stems from her jealousy about his relationship with his new girlfriend Danielle Campbell. Louis began dating the American actress last year while Briana was still pregnant with his son.

That’s not all — Briana apparently became furious because Louis would arrive to collect Freddie smelling like Danielle’s perfume. The conspiracy-minded young mother, who has herself been on the receiving end of some wild accusations from One Direction fans, even believes that Danielle is unhinged and may be nothing more than a “crazy fan”!

Briana is reportedly uncomfortable with the idea of Danielle having access to her gate security code and home address.

As for Briana, we’re told she says it’s annoying that when Louis has the baby, he’ll come back home smelling like perfume. But Briana’s real problem… she believes Danielle may be nothing more than a crazed fan who now knows her home address and gate security code.

It is thought that Briana will object to Louis Tomlinson’s request for joint custody when the former couple goes to court, reports TMZ.

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)