James Bond Girls: Who’s The Best, And Does Taylor Swift Stand A Chance?

James Bond girls, or simply Bond girls, have been with us for more than 50 years. They keep the legend of James Bond alive by playing a supporting role in the debonair British secret agent’s screen life. Without Bond girls like say, Berenice Marlohe or Eva Green (pictured above), how would James Bond fare?

Would James Bond have reached the pinnacle of box office success without his so-called Bond girls? Probably not. By far, the most memorable Bond girls are Ursula Andress and Halle Berry. With her sultry screen presence, Andress would define what a Bond girl should look like, act like, speak like, and perhaps most importantly, move like. Since Andress emerged from the salty waters with her voluptuous figure and a knife tucked in her swimsuit, men around the world have had more sleepless nights.

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It’s an unforgettable memory and one that certainly knows how to feed itself into a man’s very vivid imagination. It is no wonder that Halle Berry would try to replicate the same impact when she appeared side-by-side with Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day. Like Andress, Berry would also have a knife tucked on her bikini, and to a certain extent, she succeeds. But of course, nobody beats the original.

Seriously, would anyone even consider watching a James Bond movie if there were no Bond girls in it? Again, probably not. Bond girls are kind of like the Spice Girls, they add spice to everything that James Bond does. Although they seldom get the same paycheck, recognition, or even screen time as the master of ceremonies himself. Bond girls are as important as ground pepper on the dinner table.

Sometimes, though, they are more like cheese to nachos as in Spectre’s train dinner scene between Bond girl Léa Seydoux and Daniel Craig. Harpers BAZAAR pays tribute to Bond Girls around the world.

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And yes, the perfect Bond girls should be bonded to James like a glue. Apparently, James Bond doesn’t mind being under his Bond girl from time to time, as Grace Jones would reveal to us in A View To a Kill.

“So many beautiful women, so little time,” James Bond seems to say to himself while in the presence of his so-called Bond girls. Why they give him a sense of security, a validation of his alpha male status and sometimes, Bond girls play villains, too.

It may be the versatility of the role that draws someone like singer and songwriter Taylor Swift to the James Bond craft. If all goes well, Swift might end up with a real life Bond character in the person of Tom Hiddleston, with whom she is currently having a seemingly endless jet-setting romance in such locales as Rhode Island, Nashville, England, Rome, and Italy.

Taylor Swift’s life right now resembles a James Bond movie set, filled with endless excitement, exotic sceneries, and plenty of PDA for the paparazzi cameras. She seems to have her own personal jet available in which to fly herself and Hiddleston to any location they fancy. As they live the unauthorized life of Mr. and Mrs. James Bond, Tom gets closer than ever to snagging the position that Daniel Craig vacated recently.


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And according to Movie Web, Taylor Swift does hope to tag along as a full-fledged James Bond girl on, and off, screen. In all the flurry of activity in her love life, she is showing that she has what it takes to be part of the Bond girls tradition. She has the height, the body, the looks and the fashion. With such a complete package, she should be ready anytime to roll with the James Bond filming crew.


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Accordingly, Taylor Swift is likely to be a James Bond girl who knows what she wants in life. She still manages to hit the gym regularly and this is just one of many proofs that she takes very good care of her body. With some experience in acting, plus her characteristic Ms. Congeniality, any film director would have no reason not to want to work with her. Of all the Bond girls, she could be potentially the one with the best work ethics.


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